Kiev authorities contradict themselves over alleged hijacking of a Ukrainian plane in Kabul

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The Ukrainian plane that was supposed to evacuate Ukrainian citizens present in Afghanistan was used to transport other types of passengers to Iran last week under unclear circumstances. The Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Yevgueni Yenin, declared this morning that the plane was hijacked by unknown persons and used to transport other passengers to the Islamic Republic than originally planned.

On Tuesday, our plane was practically stolen. He flew to Iran with an unknown group of passengers on board instead of picking up the Ukrainians, “Yenin told a Ukrainian radio without specifying how the incident ended.

However, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry later denied the information. Oleg Nikolenko, ministerial spokesman, explained that Jenin was not talking about the kidnapping, but about the “unprecedented level of difficulties that diplomats had to face in evacuating the Ukrainians.”

It is reported that on the night of August 23 a third plane arrived in Ukraine with citizens evacuated from Afghanistan. On board were 98 passengers, 41 of them Ukrainian citizens.

Meanwhile, a representative of the Iranian civil aviation authority said that the plane believed to have been hijacked in Afghanistan successfully landed in Kiev after refueling at Iran’s Mashhad airport. In addition, he assured that the aircraft was not Ukrainian nor had it been hijacked.

“The flight took off from Iran (…) and yesterday it arrived in Mashhad, refueled at Mashhad airport; the plane came from Kameh (a city in the Afghan province of Nangarhar), took off from Iran and landed at Kiev airport yesterday at 9:50 p.m. There was no kidnapping, the plane was not ukrainian, it was from Kameh, in Afghanistan “, Indian.

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Now it is also reported that wealthy businessmen simply paid to travel on the Ukrainian military plane to evacuate with their families to Iran. Ukrainian media sources confirmed this information and said that several wealthy people They bought the flight with cash, gold and precious stones. Furthermore, according to sources, most of the so-called Afghan refugees currently leaving Kabul on Ukrainian planes also pay large amounts of money for their seats on board.

* The Taliban movement, designated as a “terrorist organization” by the UN Security Council, is declared a terrorist group and prohibited in Russia.

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