Kim Kardashian responded sharply to criticism for promoting “unattainable beauty”

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The clan Kardashian-Jenner It has been pointed out to promote unattainable beauty standards and to impose a fashion that threatens the body itself due to the tightness of the garments to make a smaller silhouette appear. Kim Kardashian She has received criticism for several years for her unrealistic looking ideals, but she clarified that issue in the second part of the show. «KUWTK: The Reunion».

During the transmission of the special driven by Andy Cohen On Sunday, the women of the millionaire family were asked if their glamorous photo shoots and sexy poses in swimsuits sell standards of beauty unattainable by other women. “No, I don’t know,” replied Kim, 40. Because I think we get up, we do the work. We exercise, “he said.

She and her sisters do morning workouts and often share it on social media. Kendall Jenner, 25, indicated that the priority is to stay healthy and that is what they hope their fans take away from their posts. “We all really like to take care of ourselves and be healthy, so I think the only thing we are really trying to represent is being the healthiest version of yourself,” reflected the model.

Later, Khloé Kardashian, 36, spoke about the harassment she faced over the years regarding her physical appearance. Although she has received criticism for receiving a “face transplant,” the Good American co-founder admitted that she only underwent a few cosmetic procedures. “Everyone says, ‘Oh my God, he’s had his third face transplant.’ But I had a nose job, “he revealed.

Khloé emphasized that she often read annoyance from social media users because she doesn’t talk about her surgeries, but said that “no one ever asked her” specifically about her nose. “You are the first person in an interview to ask me about my nose,” he told Andy. He also claimed to have done other cosmetic work. “I sure have done injections, not really Botox. I have responded horribly to Botox, “he said.


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