Learn the method to schedule an email in Gmail

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Gmail Not only is it a simple email that you must create in order to use a smartphone with Android operating system, but it has also become one of the main elements to start the calendar with all the appointments you have pending for a more orderly week.

Also, through Gmail You can activate the chat that is already available all over the world, as well as carry out a series of tricks that will seem quite fun, especially if you need to send something urgently.

In recent months a tutorial has become popular with which you can find out if a person has opened your email, there is also another where you are informed how to prevent your messages from reaching the spam folder.

Now a new option has been discovered that allows you to schedule a message by Gmail in a simple way and, best of all, without installing third-party applications or just extensions in Google Chrome on the PC.

The first thing you should know is that you have to have the latest version of the app on your smartphone. Check for an update on and in . Then do these steps:

Article source: https://mag.elcomercio.pe/

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