Liam Neeson honors his late wife in his leading roles

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In 2009, the actor Liam Neeson I was having a good professional moment while enjoying the success of Relentless search and rolled Chloe in Toronto. Then his life took a 180 degree turn. His wife, Natasha Richardson, called him and told him that while on vacation he hit his head hard while skiing. After suffering severe pain, the actress was admitted to Montreal while Neeson flew there from Toronto.

A nurse showed him an X-ray of his wife’s crushed skull. He instantly knew what that meant and remembered the promise they made to each other. “log off” of artificial life support in a case like that. “I told him ‘my love, you’re not going to get out of this. You broke your head. I don’t know if you’re listening to me, but that’s what happened. We’re taking you to New York. All your family and friends are going to come.’ That was it”explained the interpreter.

Liam Neeson’s tribute to his wife

The actor acknowledged that he survived his loss by taking refuge in professional activity where each participation is a tribute to his deceased wife: “I think I survived by running away to work. I know how old I am and I am one shoulder injury away from losing papers like that of Taken. I keep the training and the work. The strange thing about pain is that it does not allow you to prepare. You think you’re going to cry and stop at once. You make plans and they never work“, he confessed.

Since that tragic 2009, Neeson has been linked to many women, but he always said that he would never fall in love again and she takes the time to visit Richardson’s grave twice a week to bring him his favorite flowers and talk to him for a while.

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The professional life of the actor? Star in the movie The Ice Road, for which the streaming giant Netflix paid 18 million dollars, in which he plays a trucker who faces an ocean of ice to rescue miners convicted of an accident that will leave them without oxygen in a time limit.


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