Linux-Distribution: Detailverbesserungen in Elementary OS 6.1 (Jólnir)

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The developers of Elementary OS list numerous smaller improvements that they have incorporated in version 6.1 (Jólnir). The Linux distribution focuses on an attractive appearance and uniform usability and therefore relies on its own desktop called Pantheon.

The most important changes relate to the AppCenter, which offers applications based on the distribution rules for appearance and usability. It was almost empty up until now, but the Elementary OS developers now report 90 native apps in it. If a search remains unsuccessful, AppCenter reports this and creates a link that forwards the request to Flathub. With Flathub you can install the apps you are looking for, but they are not specifically adapted to Elementary OS.

Elementary OS 6.1 AppCenter

Elementary OS 6.1 AppCenter

Elementary OS 6.1’s AppCenter now contains 90 native apps.

(Image: Elementary OS Project /

There have been refinements for the ALT + TAB task switcher and a preset so that apps take the selected style into account regardless of their origin – Flathub or AppCenter. The web browser is now Gnome Web 41, which should provide more stability and speed.

Further improvements concern Office productivity features: the own mail app can now also announce new mails when it is closed; it is now running in the background. Many small optimizations also improve the stability and usability of mail. The to-do list and calendar have also been revamped.

The Elementary OS project works with a few small, specialized hardware providers and has adapted the distribution better to the systems offered there. This should also benefit other devices, as some problems with multi-monitor configurations have been fixed and the resolution options have been optimized, for example. Furthermore, Elementary OS now remembers the status of Bluetooth better and restores it after waking up from sleep mode or restarting. In addition, the programmers have corrected the power-saving mode. Previously there were sometimes problems waking up from sleep mode.

Further information and details on the changes are listed in the Message the Elementary OS developers on. The distribution is now available on the Elementary OS website ready; once purchased with the “Pay what you can” option, the download becomes available.


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