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Linux From Scratch 11.0: Abschied vom Split-User-System

Linux From Scratch has released version 11.0 of its DIY Linux guide. The biggest innovation in the online manual is that LFS will no longer rely on the “split-user” system: As is usual with most modern distributions, the path / bin will in future be a symbolic link to / usr / bin. The same applies to the / lib and / sbin directories.

Again News from Co-Lead Bruce Dubbs can be seen, the project has also included updates for the GNU Compiler Collection gcc-11.2.0, the GNU C Library glibc-2.34, and the programming tools collection binutils-2.37. A total of 40 of the packages used have been brought up to date and also updated to Linux Kernel 5.13.12.

The systemd version was also revised at the same time, but most of the other packages are identical to the standard LFS distribution. The step-by-step guide Linux From Scratch has been around since 1999. The book provides instructions on how to build a Linux system yourself from scratch from scratch. The manual is free of charge on the project’s website available. Exactly a year ago to the day, the project announced the last major release 10.0.

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