MacBook Pro 2022 Release Date, Features, Price & More – Here Is All We Know!

By: Ashish Maliya

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Insider claims that Apple will launch multiple Apple Silicon M2-powered Macs in 2022, including an entry-level MacBook Pro - News

If you were hunting for a new MacBook, hold on as we have something exclusive for you. Gear up as Apple is ready to drop the ultimate bomb soon. Recently, tons of rumors are blinking around the Internet revealing Apple’s plan to launch the MacBook Pro 2022. So, when will the new MacBook drop, and what exciting features will it bring? Here is everything we know as of now.

Insider claims that Apple will launch multiple Apple Silicon M2-powered Macs in 2022, including an entry-level MacBook Pro - News

The introduction of the MacBook was a boom for the users as its incredible performance impressed all. The year 2020 brings a storm of good news for Apple users as two MacBook Air was announced. Apple blew the market by launching the MacBook Pro M1, and the fans were clamoring for more such products. So, now, Apple dropped the surprise bomb revealing the launch of the MacBook Pro 2022. 

So, in this article, we will deep dive into what’s in store for the latest MacBook Pro 2022. We will evaluate the specifications of the MacBook Pro 2022. We will consider all the rumors and will check whether they are true or not. 

MacBook Pro 2022 Release Date – When Is The New Apple Product Coming?

The users were clamoring to know the official release date of MacBookPro 2022 and were expecting its official launch at the Apple event on October 18. However, Apple disappointed all users as it did not pass any announcement in the latest Apple event. 

There were tons of rumors that we will see a new MacBook in the year 2021 as Mark Gurman revealed in Bloomberg that the latest MacBook Air may release sometime in the second up of 2021. However, he allowed the official release to be pushed till 2022. 

As per the latest leaks from tomguide, Jon Prosser’s revealed that the global shortage of chips caused an incredible delay in the manufacturing of top-notch products. So, it seems Apple will shift the plans to launch MacBook Pro in 2022. As per the official tweets coming from the bucket of Dylandkt, the new Apple product may debut in the first half of 2022. 

However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed his assumptions on the upcoming MacBook Pro 2022. He does not feel that Apple will launch the new product in the first half of 2022. As per his statements, Apple will start mass production of the new MacBook Pro 2022 and will launch it in the second half of 2022. 

Apart from the MacBook Pro, the fans are also curious about the MacBook Air 2022. As both the products contain 2022 in their model name, it makes sense that the products may drop in the year 2022. But, fingers crossed, and let’s hope that the new Apple laptops come really soon.

MacBook Pro 2022 rumored release date, M2 chip, price and more - Now You Read Me

MacBook Pro 2022 Expected Design – How Will The New Laptop Look Like?

Though the actual design of the MacBook Pro 2022 has not been revealed yet, we know when it’s coming from Apple’s bucket it will be classy and stylish too. But the internal design of the new product will be the main element the fans often clamor for. If we go with the latest rumors, MacBook Pro 2022 will bring the latest Apple silicon: the Apple M2 chipset. 

As per the leaks, after may add the popular look of the 2021 MacBook to the new version. This implies that the new product may bring a flatter lid complemented with thin bezels. But it’s pretty evident that Apple always tries to trim the cost of the Pro category of laptops and try to offer the users more at a reasonable price. The fans are also expecting the addition of the HDMI out port and an SD card reader that will enhance the features department of MacBook Pro 2022. The new product may include the same MagSafe 3 charging port. 

MacBook Pro 2022 Specification – What To Expect?

Apple reportedly has five new Macs set for a 2022 launch, including Mac Pro | iMore

Though Apple has not officially announced the specifications of the MacBook Pro 2022, we have a report coming from Mark Gurman. The reports highlight that the new Apple product will be backed with an Apple M2 chip that will be a major boost for the users in terms of performance. But as of now, we don’t have many updates on the performance of the chipset. So, will have to wait for the official statement to know whether the M2 chip can outperform the previous versions or not. 

MacBook Pro 2022 Cost – What Will Be The Expected Price? 

Apple has not yet finalized the price of its new MacBook Pro 2022. As per the speculations, the upcoming product will most likely be less than $2000. The price of the new MacBook Pro 2022 may range between $1299 to $1499 as per the leaks. 

MacBook Pro 2022 Outlook – Should You Go For The New Apple Product? 

Apple is known for its innovations. The company always tries to deliver top-notch products to its customers. So, with the advancement in technology, it is also coping up and producing new products to meet the requirements of the users. 

However, the previously launched M1-Chip-packed MacBooks are incredibly efficient and they are extremely fast. So, how good will be the latest M2 chip? Will it take the experience to the next level? Will it be dropped at a cost-effective range? Will its price justify its features? These are some questions we are wondering about, before really suggesting that you go for the laptop. So, make sure to stay tuned as we will deliver a detailed review on the laptop once Apple launches it. Bookmark our page so that you don’t miss any important updates.