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Mail order brides sites are a go-to solution for men who want to marry a woman from overseas. Aside from being safe, all international dating websites offer effective ways to get a bride from another country. Professional matchmaking services provide a complete set of features to deliver an efficient dating journey. As an aspiring love-seeker, you may wonder what the price of mail order brides is. This article dwells on the topic of the cost for overseas brides in different countries. We invite you to find out more about these matters through our comprehensive guide.

🏆 Top 10 international dating sites

Here is a list of the best international dating sites that earn a decent spot in the dating sphere. They incorporate a rich array of features to ensure a first-class romance experience and provide strong safety measures. These are some of the best international dating sites for meeting foreign girlfriends online.

  1. Jolly Romance will serve as a go-to international dating site for those who want to communicate with hot Slavic women.
  2. Ukraine Bride4you is a perfect option for admirers of Ukrainian mail order brides. With so many active users, you will definitely find a Ukrainian lady to communicate with.
  3. Eastern Honeys is one of the best dating platforms that include a large pool of beautiful Asian girls.
  4. Bravo Date is one of the most popular options for those looking for a Slavic woman. The site incorporates a bevy of communication tools to ensure hassle-free romance ventures.
  5. La Date is a full-featured platform for those who want to meet Latin ladies with a similar life view.
  6. Asian Melodies is a great choice for those who want to meet an Asian woman for marriage. It includes extended searching options, so finding your ideal mail order bride from Asia.
  7. LatinWomanLove is one of the most widely-recognized platforms aimed to connect men with gorgeous Latin mail order brides.
  8. TheLuckyDate is a popular app-like online dating service that allows you to quickly get to know many mail order brides.
  9. AmourFactory is an international dating service that doesn’t put any limitations on the type of relationship you can develop.
  10. LoveFort is one of the leading online dating services for Western men who want to get to know beautiful Latinas and possibly build a relationship.

Who is a mail order bride and are mail order brides still popular in 2023?

A mail order bride is a woman, typically a foreign one aged between 18 and 45, who has decided to turn her life around and marry a Western man to then move to live with him in his country. A mail order bride can have previous marriage experience and even kids from previous marriages, but most brides have never been married and are ready for a new chapter in their lives.

Mail order marriages have been popular since way back: the first mail order brides were English girls who arrived in the US in the 17th century. Since then, mail order wives have gone through several waves of popularity. And right now, they are as popular as ever. Only in 2020, almost 17,000 K-1 visas were issued in the US. And before the world faced the coronavirus pandemic and visa issuing process was significantly slowed down or even put on hold, even more foreign brides entered the US every year.

The concept of mail order brides was further popularized by TV shows like 90 Day Fiancé, which demonstrates that international couples go through their unique challenges, but in the end, are able to build a lasting connection, start a family, and serve as an example to all single people who want to achieve the same.

What is included in the mail order brides cost?

Before answering the question “How much are mail order brides?”, it makes sense to learn all possible expenses related to international dating. Note that the concept of buying a bride doesn’t have anything in common with human trafficking.

So how much does a mail order spouse cost? The cost of mail order wife includes the online dating services or the use of a local marriage agency and the offline expenses while traveling to another country. Study the information below to learn what is included in the mail order brides pricing list to know what to expect from your romance journey.

💳Costs of the services on mail order bride websites

🪙The majority of mail order bride services are paid. Different websites provide different pricing policies, so you will need to learn all terms and conditions of a particular platform before investing money. Some websites use a credits system, while others require purchasing a premium subscription to use all perks of the platform.

⚖️Each system has its upsides and downsides. For example, a mail order bride site that uses credits is suitable for those users who know exactly what features they need. Usually, 200 credits will cost you $30-$50. Calculating how much money you need to spend exactly per month is a futile task, as the end result depends on your activity on the site, how many women you reach out to at once, and even your luck.

🤑If you choose one of the mail order bride sites that offer a premium subscription, be ready to pay for its services every month. You can also purchase a long-duration subscription and save money. Typically, the average cost of a monthly premium package is from $40 to $100. You will find out the precise cost after choosing a dating site and signing up for it.

💵Offline expenses 

Mail order bride websites are just a small fragment of the overall cost of the bride for sale. Consider your budget at the very beginning of your dating journey so that you spend the most substantial part of your money on offline dating.

If you want to create close bonds with a foreign lady, you can organize real-life dates. Meeting in-person assumes additional expenses on the trip to the lady’s country, housing, entertainment, gifts, etc. Whether you date with Asian or Russian girls, most likely, your future bride expects you to cover all wedding expenditures. Depending on the country of your choice, the mail order brides cost varies from $4,000 to $10,000 for offline dates.

✈️Flight tickets are probably the most expensive part of your budget for meeting a foreign bride-to-be. Aside from a round trip to another country, you will need to pay for tickets for your future wife, if you want to take her to your home.

💐Gifts and flowers. If you want to impress your girlfriend, you will need to please her with gifts and flowers. It is only up to you which gift to present to your foreign woman. It may be the latest model of iPhone or a small teddy bear.

🗣️Translation services. If your mail order bride doesn’t have a good grasp of English, you may need to work with an interpreter, at least for the first few dates. Typically, the translation services cost $10 per hour. However, you will probably pay more for the night hours.

🎫Entertainment. To get to know each other better, you will need to participate in different activities together and organize unusual dates. It is possible to invite your girlfriend to the restaurant, visit a workshop, go to the zoo, take a boat trip, etc. You may need to spend a few dollars for different activities, so consider your budget beforehand.

🍽️Meals. It is possible to visit either cheap or expensive cafés and restaurants. If you want to save money, you can eat at local dinings. However, in case you are all about impressing your future wife, you invite her to fancy restaurants.

👰Wedding expenses. If you’re lucky to meet some real mail order brides and even find your soulmate, the next logical step is a wedding. Mail order marriages are not that different from regular weddings, so the overall cost mostly depends on your budget and tastes.

How much are mail order brides in different regions?

If your number question about marrying foreign women is “How much is a mail order wife?”, we have all the answers you need in this part of the article. There are countless factors that affect the mail order wife cost. One of them is the destination (➡️read also about the best mail order brides country) where you are going to organize your search for foreign mail order brides.

Also, it is necessary to consider such factors as the cost of a mail order brides service (monthly subscription), the cost of credits on mail order sites, additional features you use online, real dates, transportation, accommodation, and so on.

Besides, the mail order bride price may vary depending on the type of mail bride you meet (whether she prefers a luxury lifestyle or is content with the least). Below, you can familiarize yourself with the cost of mail order wives in different regions.

Asian mail order bride prices

Asia is a large region that allows you to organize your foreign wife search across a variety of destinations using a popular mail order bride service. Asian women are rightfully in high demand among Western guys. Filipino, Thai, Japan, and China are the most popular regions where Western men prefer to meet women. The main reason men consider these countries is that Asian mail order bride prices are quite affordable.

Moreover, Asian mail order brides are devoted to their families, so you can always rely on your future partner. And it’s very easy to meet your mail order bride online, as millions of Asian brides are active internet users. We’ve analyzed the mail order bride pricing by country, so you can easily determine the best spot for your search.

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Filipino brides

Filipino mail order bride cost might vary from $4,000 to $7,000. A round trip from New York — Manila — New York will cost you around $750-$1,300, depending on the dates of your trip. The accommodation expenses are rather budget-friendly.

You will need to pay about $200 for a standard hotel room for a week. Dining services are cheap in the Philippines. The average cost for meals will be about $100 for a week, as the Philippines is not the most expensive one out of all Asian countries.

Chinese brides

Chinese bride price is higher than Filipino. Note that grooms usually have to pay their would-be wives a “bride price,” which is about $16,500. This money serves as a reverse-dowry. Also, the price tag includes the trip to Beijing (around $1,000 for flight tickets), accommodation ($500 for a week in a decent hotel), and meals (around $400 for eating out in restaurants for a week).

Don’t forget to include the services of the mail order brides catalog where you get to meet legit mail order brides (from $40 to $100 per month).

Thai brides

The Thai bride price also has some pitfalls you should take into account. First off, each Thai family demands a certain price for the bride. It varies from $1,600 to $9,600 depending on the social status of the women.

Also, the Thai mail order bride cost includes the services of the agency ($40-$100), flight tickets for a round trip to Bangkok (approximately $880). Moreover, you will need to consider additional expenses for entertainment, accommodation, and transportation.

Japanese brides

Japanese mail order brides are the most affordable for Western men. They don’t require additional payment. The total cost for these Asian mail order brides is from $4,000 to $8,000. Again, the exact price depends on the type of woman you choose.

The round trip New York-Tokyo-New York will cost you around $900. Don’t forget about the flight tickets for your Asian girl (around $500). The accommodation in Japan is relatively expensive. You will need to spend around $500 for a decent hotel.

Slavic brides cost

Slavic mail order bride cost is quite reasonable. This is one of the main reasons Western guys are looking for a foreign mail order bride among Russian and Ukrainian women. Other reasons why a Slavic girl may make the best mail order bride is her ethereal beauty, lovable character, and strong views on family.

If you are searching for a reliable international marriage agency with Eastern European women, you can try BravoDate 💖  dating site to find single Russian and Ukrainian women. Keep in mind that Ukrainian and Russian order bride prices differ in some aspects, so carefully study the cost of mail order wife from Eastern Europe.

Ukrainian brides

Out of all Eastern European countries, Ukraine is known for having the most beautiful and loyal but also cheap mail order brides. The Ukraine wife price mostly depends on the city you are going to organize your offline dates. Ukraine is a large country, so you will need to choose the spot for your romance tour first. The average cost for a round trip New York-Kyiv-New York is about $800, while New York-Odessa-New York is around $1,000.

You can choose between numerous accommodation options. However, you will still need to pay up to $500 for a decent hotel room for a week. The average bill for two people in a restaurant will be around $50. The Ukrainian mail order brides cost also includes online communication services and gifts. These beautiful ladies adore pretty little things.

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Russian brides

Russian beauty conquers men worldwide, and Western guys are no exception. Russia occupies a large space in Eastern Europe. This country has a robust culture due to the endless number of ethnicities that are intertwined in its genome. A Russian mail order bride can become your trusted companion and devoted lover.

If you are on the lookout for a Russian bride for sale and are planning to use international dating services to facilitate your search, you should determine the destination for your search first. Keep in mind that Moscow ladies are more demanding compared to Russian women from smaller cities.

If your final destination is the country’s capital, be ready to spend around $700 for the round trip from New York and about $500 if you want to bring your spouse to the US. The accommodation will cost you around $1,000 in a good hotel for a week. If you are going to eat out in fancy restaurants, be ready to spend around $70 for two people per one dinner.

Fortunately, the culture of this country doesn’t imply buying a Russian wife from her family. So, feel free to register on one of the popular dating sites and take a chance to kiss Russian beauty.

Latin brides cost

Latin America is a popular destination for love hunters from the US looking for a mail order girlfriend. Latin brides for marriage are known for their extraordinary beauty, loyalty, and devotion. Moreover, mail order brides Latin America are inexpensive. So, you can meet a gorgeous lady and build a serious relationship using a mail order bride agency without breaking a bank.

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Mexican mail order brides

Mexican brides are in high demand in Latin America. The overall Mexican brides cost is about $3,500-$6,000, including all expenses related to transportation and leisure time. If it comes to a wedding, everything depends on your preferences and what you can afford.

Typically, a marriage in a Latin country can be as much as $10,000. Keep in mind that if you want to buy a Mexican wife, you will need to spend money on gifts and entertainment. These ladies are relatively picky, so you will need to find extraordinary ways to amaze your partner. Of course, this results in additional expenses.

Brazilian mail order brides

If you want to buy a bride Brazil, you should understand that these girls are demanding. Aside from spending about $100 on online communication (instant messages, video chat, and other communication features), be ready to present gifts to your lady.

Typically, men spend from $500 to $700 for restaurants, gifts, and flowers. However, this option depends only on your preferences. Considering the price for flight tickets (from $500 to $800), the hotel (around $450 for a week), food ($100), visa ($184), and flight ticket ($400) for your future wife, the overall mail order bride pricing may be around $3,000-$6,000.

Colombian mail order brides

You can find mail order brides from different parts of Latin America. However, Colombian ladies stand out from the crowd due to their unique exotic appearance and budget-friendly mail order bride costs.

Finding a wife in Colombia is relatively easy, especially if you know where to look for one. That is where a reliable dating platform will come in handy. The overall cost for dating services will be from $30 to $100 per month.

Considering travel expenses (around $300), accommodation ($300), gifts, entertainment, and food, be ready to spend from $2,500 to $4,000 for your mail order bride.

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How to buy a mail order bride?

If you want to buy a mail order bride, you should start your love adventure by finding a reliable dating site with foreign brides. It should be not just a regular dating site, but a site where you can find a wife online. Once you complete the registration process, you can use the searching options available on the platform and search for your perfect foreign girlfriend and eventually buy mail order brides.

Usually, it takes from 1 to 6 months to find the best fit, but it all depends on the mail order brides sites you are using, as well as other factors. Note that there are virtually no free mail order brides or legit free dating sites and be ready that the overall online experience will cost you from $50 to $600. Everything depends on which site services you use and how active you are during online communication.

Once you create a rapport with a particular foreign bride, it makes sense to organize a real date in order not to lose your connection. That is where you should consider your budget well. You will need to spend money on numerous things starting from organizing a trip and ending with a fiance visa.

As soon as you find your real love, all your spendings will appear reasonable. If you can afford to find your soulmate using the services the processional dating sites offer, why not catch this opportunity.

Are mail order brides legal in the USA?

It is legitimate to search for a mail order bride on dedicated dating sites as long as they follow the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005. It is worth mentioning that not all dating platforms offer fair services, so you will need to approach a reputable agency to have an effective romance experience.

Whether you are looking for Brazil or Russian mail order brides, you will need to follow strict rules depicted in the IMBRA. Those mail order wives who enter the US are protected by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Considering these facts, mail order brides are completely legal in the United States.

How much does it cost to bring a mail order bride to the USA?

As soon as you build a serious relationship with a lady from abroad using one of the popular mail order brides services, you will probably want to bring her to the US and get married. First off, it is necessary to consider the cost of the flight tickets and entrance visa. The terms and conditions for a US visa are different for different countries.

Those who marry foreign women outside the US should prove their marriage and take care of the immigration status of their spouse. Also, you will need to undergo an in-person interview and complete the application to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. In addition, US law requires a biometric appointment.

Mail order bride pricing: How to get a K1 visa?

The easiest and the most commonly used solution for bringing your mail order bride to the US is to get a K-1 visa. It is also called a fiance visa. This document allows you to marry in the US and then adjust your wife’s status to a green card holder. However, the whole process can take up to a year, so as soon as you decide to tie the knot, you need to contact the US embassy or consulate.

Thousands of K-1 visas are issued to foreign ladies from all over the globe every year. The visa costs $265, but the majority of couples use the services of immigration lawyers to boost their chances for a successful outcome. The average cost of professional assistance is about $700-$1,000.

Documents after the marriage

Documents for a permanent US residence based on marriage are also a factor that affects the total mail order bride cost. First off, it is necessary to consult an immigration attorney to get professional consultation and find out which documents you may need to apply for a green card.

Start with completing form I-485 and gathering supporting documents. The current fee is $1,225 per application. Since your wife will hardly find a job and earn a living, you will need to cover all expenses related to achieving a legal US residence status.

Preparing documents is a time-consuming process that requires patience and additional spendings. Nevertheless, if you support each other, you will achieve a successful result.

Final mail order bride pricing analytics

The total cost of a mail order bride can change a lot based on the country you choose for your search, your travel habits, how generous you are with gifts, what kind of a wedding ceremony you want, and so on. Using the services of a reputable dating site will help you achieve effective outcomes while saving your money and time.

If you generalize the mail order bride dating experience, the average cost for a foreign wife is around $5,000-$6,000. Even though it is a substantial amount of money, it will be completely justified as soon as you meet your partner for life. As soon as you build strong relationships, it will be your best investment in the long run.


What is the average mail order bride price?

The mail order brides cost depends on numerous factors such as the marriage agency services, your partner’s country, and the way you will plan the budget during your dates. Be ready that the Asian mail order brides price is significantly higher compared to the Slavic brides cost. Typically, you will need to pay $6,000-$20,000 for an Asian wife and $4,000-$9,000 for Slavic girls.

What are the best online dating sites?

The modern market offers a rich array of online dating sites. However, the most popular ones are Bravo Date, Eastern Honeys, and La Date. These platforms deliver numerous features to bring your romance venture to the notch.

Where can I buy a wife?

The safest and most effective way to meet women from abroad is to approach a trusted marriage agency. Such services deliver all necessary tools to provide a hassle-free communication process. Moreover, all ladies registered on such platforms have validated their identities, so you can be sure that you won’t encounter fake profiles.

Is it possible to meet a foreign woman free of charge?

Usually, professional matchmaking services require additional fees for their services. The mail order brides cost depends on the features you are going to use and the time you spend communicating with girls. You can try to use free dating services, but they will hardly provide a high level of safety and guarantee effective results.

Is the cost of mail order wife worth it?

Yes, simply because the pleasure of meeting your soulmate who lives half of the world away costs money. The mail order brides pricing list includes different aspects which require additional fees. However, if you are on the lookout for a soulmate and a reliable partner to share life with, dedicated websites are the best solution to accomplish all your relationship goals.

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