Marcelo Tinelli again criticized the Government for the Mapuche conflict: “Let’s protect Patagonia from vandals”

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The driver of ShowMatch Marcelo tinelli he again criticized the Government for the Mapuche conflict in the South. He wrote: “Let’s protect Patagonia from vandals” and spread a petition on his Twitter account to gather signatures in order to “demand that the Ministry of National Security act in defense of the villagers immediately”. He raved in his tweet to the president Alberto Fernandez and the Ministry of Security, headed by Anibal Fernandez.

In the request uploaded to the platform by Claudia Slutzky, the woman warned that she is “very concerned about what is happening in the South of our country.” He stated that Patagonia “is in danger from acts of vandalism and usurpation of pseudo Mapuches that endanger people, animals and property ”.

The woman explained that the purpose of the petition is to “demand that the Ministry of National Security act in defense of the settlers immediately”. He considered that the inhabitants of the areas that suffer from vandalism “They are defenseless in the face of attacks by people who act with total impunity ”.

Tinelli had already criticized the Government for the official position towards the leader of the radicalized Mapuche Ancestral Resistance organization (RAM) Facundo Jones Huala.

At the time the ShowMatch host wrote on Twitter: “I can not believe that this government defends this violent, that burned public offices, that usurped private property. Bah, actually everything they say, then they do not comply. So I don’t have to have more expectations ”.

Tinelli’s criticisms were in relation to the audience in which the Argentine ambassador to Chile participated Rafael Bielsa by Jones Huala, convicted in 2018 on Chile to 9 years of effective prison for the burning of a property and for illegal possession of weapons. The hearing was for Jones Huala’s request for parole, which was denied.

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The clarification of the Argentine Embassy in Chile for the participation of Rafael Bielsa in the hearing by Facundo Jones Huala

The Argentine Embassy in Chile described as “impropiedades” the versions that Bielsa defended Jones Huala in his request for parole. They clarified: “In no way is the Argentine Embassy or has been part of the judicial process in which the Argentine citizen Facundo Jones Huala was convicted.”

From the diplomatic representation of Argentina in Chile they assured that it was the founder of the Ancestral Mapuche Resistance who “requested consular assistance” through his lawyer and mentioned that “the international regulations that frame the participation of the Embassy in the aforementioned audience is, among others, the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (1963) ”.

From the embassy they explained that “it is a regular homework carried out by both the consulates and the Ambassador himself, taking into account his character as Head of Mission ”. They clarified that “at the request of the Chilean authorities” Bielsa “intervened expressly excepting respect for Chilean domestic law and the procedures that follow from this order.” And they explained that “Ambassador he did not ask the Commission to grant or stop granting parole ” and that “he limited himself to answering the statements of the representative of the Chilean Ministry of the Interior, who is not part of the Board.”

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