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MasterChef Celebrity: participants left the kitchen and dedicated themselves to sports

If there is a program that manages to entertain viewers it is MasterChef Celebrity. Skipping the typical, without any science fiction, drama, romance or thriller story, this reality show enchants its audience through different personalities preparing dishes on kitchen islands located in the Telefé studio.

Because of the pandemic, MasterChef Celebrity It was divided into two groups and, this time, it was the turn of Alex Caniggia, Claudia Fontán, Juanse, Andrea Rincón and María Odonnell. And, as usual, the participants had to meet a new challenge to then receive the return of the jury, who were very attentive while the apprentices were in the kitchen.

Jenny Dahlgren at MasterChef. Photo: (Telefé)

Although yesterday’s group had a duel with apples in the company of guests like Lali Espósito, Mau and Ricky, today’s group had to focus on athletes. Counting with the Olympian Jenny Dahlgren as part of the set, each celebrity was forced to cook a dish so that an athlete has all the nutrients in their diet, but at the same time is happy.

However, before starting with this slogan, the participants of MasterChef Celebrity certain garments must have passed. It is that, this time they did not have an hour of work, but had 35 minutes to complete their task, although they also had the possibility of buying more time if playing golf, soccer and basketball they scored a point, although the only ones who They got it were Fontán and Juanse.

Regarding the culinary challenge, those who convinced the jurors were Caniggia and Fontán, thus managing to go up to the balcony, which condemns them to return to the so-called “benefit Wednesday”. While Rincón, Juanse and Odonnell, they will have to return on Thursday with the gray apron to carry out a challenge that saves them.


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