Mercedes Milá slams Adara for her flip-flop behavior towards Asraf in ‘Survivors’

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The relationship between Adara Molinero and Asraf Beno in Survivors has been cracking every day. The clashes between the two have become one of the highlights in this final stretch of the program.

At the beginning, the support between the two was mutual. However, there have been several frictions that have generated a change in attitude of Big Brother VIP 7 winner, Adara.

Mercedes Milá, who is closely following the contest, has noticed that the current situation between Adara and Asraf is not favorable. The presenter has harshly criticized Adara’s attitude towards Asraf and made a strong defense of Isa Pantoja’s partner.

“The attacks, fortunately, ended with the expulsion of Yaiza,” remarked Adara’s mother, Elena Rodríguez, in response to Mercedes Milá’s accusations of racism. Elena also expressed her disbelief in Milá’s accusations, calling it “pure demagogy”.

The Survivor contestants have all aligned with a single speech, and to suggest that the twelve are lying or are involved in some conspiracy is simply unfounded. Milá’s accusations have been called out and deemed unacceptable.

Despite the disagreements between Adara and Asraf, the show must go on. Even though the relationship between the two is strained, the contest is still captivating audiences with its intense moments and touching reunions.

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