MI5 expert calls for joint defense against cyber threats

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The British secret services public offensive continues. After a rare interview with the head of the famous international intelligence agency MI6, Richard Moore, a director of the domestic intelligence agency MI5 spoke up. The UK needs a collective social effort to thwart threats from hostile countries, Cybercrime Defense Director K told the Daily Telegraph (Saturday).

Various threats such as malware ransomware attacks, government-sponsored cyber hackers and electoral interference could affect “everyone in the UK,” K said. Therefore everyone has to help. “This is not a spy film.” The director’s identity is secret. It was only revealed that she is a mom and is in her 40s.

The top agent called on science and industry to take the threat of industrial espionage seriously. MI5 could help them with that. She hoped her children would have great opportunities in a technology-conscious UK economy. “Then I look at how some hostile states are stealing our intellectual property, and I hope that we can protect this together,” said “K”. “We have to protect our inventions and our future.” The secret service officer also warned companies against selling shares in corporations in hostile states. The MI5 is not the “UK economic cop”.

Just recently, MI6 boss Moore had advertised in an interview with the BBC for more openness in his profession in times of social media. He also warned of cyber dangers, especially from China. “Director K” should also have an eye on China in particular, but also on Russia.


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