“Mourning, Relationships, and Creative Inspiration: A Son’s Reflection on the Loss of his Mother”

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Paulina Rubio: A Charismatic Artist with Four Decades of Success

Paulina Rubio recently opened up about the current moment in her life and presented her new song, “It’s Not My Fault”. Parisians would call it je ne sais quoi and the Anglo-Saxons x factor, but what is common and unquestionable is that she has it: an innate and magnetic charisma that makes all heads turn in her path.

At 51 years of age, Paulina understands magic, which is the only way to understand her success, spanning four decades. In conversation with newspaper El País in Spain, Paulina explained, “To be able to create, you have to suffer and bring out the girl in you. My art is the way of expressing my country dreams and going back to the roots, to the five elements, to the purity of having messy and disheveled hair.”

Famous since before she was born and star of the children’s group Timbiriche at just 11 years old, Paulina Rubio spent the first summers of her life in the Galician area of Trasanquelos (La Coruña). She credits her connection to her “I” as a child, oblivious to any fear, as one of the keys to her decades of success in the industry. Her esoteric reflections and authenticity capture audiences and make her a unique artist.

Her world changed last July after the death of her mother, Susana Dosamantes, whom she calls “the most beautiful face in Mexico”. For the singer, there is a before and after. She admits that “In mourning there are no shortcuts. You have to be authentic and vulnerable, go day by day. I feel lucky to have had such a strong and courageous mother that she was always with me.”

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Paulina’s two sons, Andrea Nicolás and Eros, are her pride and joy. She appeals to the generosity of her offspring, stating that “for them it is something natural and organic, they understand it as a way of life and a legacy. They know that if their mom goes to Disney, maybe she has to take a couple of photos, like Mickey, but I explain to them that they have to give in a little and they get along fine. They are fantastic and pure.”

Despite her recent loss, Paulina remains determined to create and entertain. She feels like a studio singer and loves her catalog, but also has many new projects in the works. Who brought Latin pop to the top of the charts around the world is convinced that she can repeat the feat. When referring to her longest-lived and shared nickname, “Golden Girl”, Paulina declared she only likes labels to take them off. She encourages fans to call her “Pau… and you will find me”.

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