NCIS New Orleans premieres its last episode and this is how the series will end

On 2003, I arrive NCIS with the aim of showing a fiction starring a team of special agents from the Criminal Investigation Service of the United States Navy. Since then, the success has been enormous: today it is one of the quintessential police series and has become a franchise with different locations. This monday will arrive The end of NCIS: New Orleans and here we tell you everything you need to know before seeing it.

From November 8, A&E began broadcasting the episodes of the seventh season of this derived production. In this way, the series starring Scott Bakula came to the homes of Argentina, Colombia and Mexico With 15 episodes and in just two days, the outcome of the investigators who delve into the crimes and cases involving New Orleans military personnel will be known.

It is not a simple farewell: seven years have passed since this spin-off began with the agent Dwayne Pride to the head. And now, it will not only involve seeing the fight against crime in the city, but also the team led by the so-called “King” will need all its reserves to be able to face the terrible crisis that caused the coronavirus pandemic worldwide.

During this last season, agents have been seen Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito) and Quentin Carter (Charles Michael Davis) They are sent by Scott Bakula’s character to investigate a suspicious death aboard a humanitarian ship on the high seas, where they learn that some of the crew are infected with the deadly disease.

Also, they have had their participation the special agent Christopher Lasalle (Lucas Black), the forensic agent Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich y Hannah Khoury (Necar Zadegan), an agent specialized in international counterintelligence. In addition to the support of Dr. Loretta, the team includes a specialist in research informatics Patton Plame (Daryl ‘Chill’ Mitchell).

“I am a very lucky guy, who has had a long career. I am a stage, theater and film actor and I was also able to do musical work. NCIS: New Orleans gave me many opportunities to combine all those roles“Said the leading actor. Somewhat excited, he remarked: “I had never done a series with more than 100 episodes, there were many first times for me on this. It was very hard work, but a very exciting time. I love the real man D’Wayne Swear, which was who my character was based on. Sadly he passed away a few years ago, but he was the heart and soul of our program, and I did my best to maintain his reputation and memory.”.

About the filming, Scott Bakula assured: “Everything was filmed in the middle of the pandemic, with all kinds of security protocols, in a very careful way so that it is a program that could keep people safe. I was lucky enough to convince the company and the writers that we should include the theme in the series. We show how it affected all the characters on the show, how it affected the members of the forces, and how it affected the city as well. Because once again, that city was the heart of our series”.

+ What will happen in the last episode of NCIS New Orleans?

Titled as Let the good times begin, the last chapter of the series will arrive next Monday, November 29 at A&E. It will be set on the eve of Pride’s wedding to Rita, just as Connor (Drew Scheid) is entering witness protection. In this framework, the character of Bakula must find who attacked Jimmy (Jason Alan Carvell), while discovering the hidden motives of Sasha (Callie Thorne) regarding his son. Both in Colombia and in Mexico and Argentina, will be broadcast at 22 hours.

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