Never Lose Your Files Again with Windows 11’s OneDrive Reminder

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Microsoft’s Constant Efforts to Promote OneDrive and Edge

Many companies strive to create an ecosystem where users feel that they are using safe and fast machines. This requires significant investment and an excellent infrastructure at both the hardware and software level. For Microsoft, it is crucial to gain the trust of its users, and they have come up with a new way to remind users of this – with a new OneDrive ad in the start menu.

OneDrive is one of the products that Microsoft has made compulsory for all Windows users. While Edge has been another, it is necessary to have another browser as the primary one to browse the internet. Microsoft has put in a significant effort to ensure that users remember to use OneDrive to save their data in the cloud. When you sign in to your Microsoft account while turning on your computer, OneDrive automatically activates itself. Now, Microsoft intends to remind its users to make a backup even before shutting down their computer.

In the KB5023778 build of the later versions of the operating system, Microsoft has added new ads in the browser. The Home part of the browser now has a new feature where the company recommends that you should make a backup in the cloud.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has advertised its own products in Windows. They have shown their products to users many times, even by putting them in the browser to ensure that users do not miss out on their product offerings. As of now, it is uncertain whether this will be the last time Microsoft tries to promote its products. However, we will remain up-to-date with the latest news from the company.

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