Nintendo Switch OLED, first impressions: much more than an improved screen

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It was about a month ago when the new model of Nintendo Switch was announced after a long period of rumors in which the possibility of a pro version. Finally, what will come to the Nintendo family of consoles from next October 8th It is a revision of the original model that has several differences and improvements with respect to it. In the absence of a few months to reach the market, there are many questions and issues that we still have in mind. Therefore, we have had the pleasure of physically going to the Nintendo offices to try, first hand and for about an hour, this Nintendo Switch OLED. Next we will tell you what we think about this first contact with the improved and renewed version of the hybrid console.

Portable mode, the true potential of OLED Switch

With almost the same dimensions as the original model, the OLED Switch feels like a more Premium product in the hands. This is mainly due to the fact that black borders on the screen have been virtually eliminated in order to increase its size from the original 6.2 ”to the 7 ”current. To replace the LCD screen with a YOU ARE It was not necessary to carry out a major redesign of the console, but simply took advantage of the black sides to considerably expand the useful screen space.

As soon as we press the POWER button and the console menu welcomes us, we know immediately that something has changed. We tested games like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey to see if everything looks better, colors shine brighter and textures sharper. The laptop resolution is still 720p, yes, but the OLED screen really makes a difference from the base version.

We give you a couple of examples to understand it better. We all remember the epic start of Breath of the Wild: Link awakening, his first glimpse into the wide world waiting to be explored and his first steps in those green hills full of promise and opportunity. If this sensation was already unique with the original Switch, in the case of having the OLED in hand it multiplies. On the one hand due to the larger screen width, something that is always appreciated, but on the other is the fact that that characteristic haze that covers part of the game’s scenarios is diminished to a certain extent thanks to the graphic capabilities that the new screen provides.

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It is not that the game itself has undergone any revision, but that the improvements of this revised model elevate the experience to a new level. Something like what would happen if we watched a movie on a TV with a simple screen and then enjoyed it again on a TV with an OLED screen. The difference is evident. And not only in Zelda, but also in other titles like Super Mario Odyssey. In their first world, lunar and dark, the black colors stand out more strongly and textures appear somewhat more defined. Of course, the iconic red cap of the protagonist also stands out more, since the colors shine more brightly.

Don’t expect a huge leap in this regard. This is not a generation change and for this reason concepts such as the decrease in loading times or the long-awaited 4K resolution are parked to focus more on taking small steps and conceiving a model with small tweaks that will be appreciated especially by those players who acquire a Nintendo Switch console from scratch or those who always seek to have the latest model of all your technological devices.

In terms of design, black and white model of the console, accompanied by the new dock (which we will talk about in depth later) also helps to reinforce this idea of ​​a quality product and even more adult, although this is a rather personal assessment since, as the saying goes: “ for tastes, colors ”. We will also have the option to choose the classic red and blue for this Nintendo Switch OLED and add any Joy-con that we already have in our collection, since these controls have not received a redesign for this model. This is a questionable point, since it is no surprise to anyone how many failures they have made and continue to make.

Desktop mode, improvements and higher quality

A train trip, playing at the table in the living room because our father is occupying the television or taking the console for a walk outside can be several examples of situations in which we will need to play in dessert mode. Especially if it is cooperative games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, enjoying them with both Joy-Con undocked and with the Switch itself as a screen is a considerably better experience on this OLED model. The reason is twofold. On the one hand, the increase in screen size generates a much better view of it and the details that appear in it. The quality of the screen also allows it to be seen much better from the sides. It does not work miracles, since if we take it out to the street in broad daylight it will still be difficult to see it well, but under normal conditions and with our indoor games the experience improves.

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On the other, the rear mount redesign it is appreciated to replace the puny temple available in the original model with a elongated and solid panel that supports the weight well and does not give in to the movement of the surface it is on. After testing its resistance first-hand we can affirm that it has nothing to do with the previous model, something to be thankful for to provide the whole console with a increased stiffness. It is early to say emphatically that the hinges will not wear out over time, but in principle, with our contact with the console, it has become clear that this is a necessary change and that we will appreciate those who play, even occasionally, in mode desktop.

TV mode, a dock with various tweaks and improvements

Finally we have the dock mode connected to the television. It is the one that looks the least, since the improvements are focused on the console screen and therefore transferring the experience to TV will depend entirely on the type of device we have at home. The video output is still 1920x1080p at 60 FPS, but where we do find substantial changes is in the video itself. dock. its redesign has resulted in several improvements, including a increased cooling (because of the rear holes and slight changes in the console) and the adding a LAN port next to the HDMI and the power supply (the two USB slots remain). The latter will allow a better and more stable Internet connection, one of the main problems that the Nintendo console presents today.

On the other hand, aware of the scratches on the edges of the screen caused by the original docks, the rails of this new dock are softer, made with a scuff-proof material. Once again, we do not know if with use and time this will end up producing an effect similar to the originals, but for now from Nintendo they assure that thanks to the changes made, the problem should have been solved. It is worth mentioning that this dock is fully compatible with the original Switch model, so we can buy it if we want to make the leap.

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Conclusions: is the Nintendo Switch OLED worth it?

It is too early to give a resounding answer as to whether it is worth acquiring the Nintendo Switch OLED, since will depend largely on each player’s case. If we already have a console, of its original model, it is likely that we will not find sufficient reasons to make the change unless we have some kind of “renewal plan” or we are one of those users who always like to have the last one model of all consoles, mobiles and other technology. If, on the contrary, the model we have is the Lite And we want to make the leap to also be able to play in a dock connected to the TV, it would be convenient to consult the possibilities that we have in our hands to acquire this new model.

In the case of not have a Nintendo Switch yet in our power (despite the fact that there are already almost 85 million units of consoles that have been sold around the world) our recommendation is clear: get the OLED before the original model. By price difference, just € 20, It is worth counting on the improvements that this new version has received. We can also wait for a hypothetical Pro model, but for now there are no official plans regarding another Switch review being in development and raised as a reality.

It will be from next October 8 when we will leave doubts about the true potential of this Nintendo Switch OLED and discover all its possibilities. For a price of 349.99 euros in Spain, will be sold in Two colors: in White (white joy-con, black body and white base) and in neon red / neon blue (Joy-Con neon red, the other neon blue, black body and black base). We remember once again that it will be compatible with all official Nintendo accessories, So in case of wanting to carry out the renovation we will not need to go through the box again to buy covers and others.

After this first direct contact with the console we can affirm that has convinced us. It is a revision with slight changes and we would have appreciated that the list of improvements was longer, yes, but for now the Nintendo Switch OLED arrives to ensure better performance and general quality of life to a hybrid console that is already an indisputable success around of the world.

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