Not even the Crown was encouraged so much: the 2 series that destroy the monarchy

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The Crown is one of the few series that explains, without any preamble, the complete history of the British royal family. Without leaving aside the darkest and most controversial secrets of Elizabeth II, Peter Morgan captured the real life of the Windsors on Netflix. Despite the wishes of the monarchs, the strip does not shy away from issues beyond the problems they may cause at Buckingham Palace.

Such is so The Crown It is already a success in the streaming giant to the point that it is working on the fifth season. On this occasion, Morgan will count from the 90s to the 2000s, which were precisely the worst years for the Windsors. The annus horribilis of ’92, the interview of ’95 with Lady Di, the divorce of the Princes of Wales and the subsequent death of Diana are some of the topics that will touch.

However, what Peter Morgan does to The Crown it is nothing more than telling the facts. Although yes, there are some things in which, as he explained, creative licenses are taken, Prince Harry himself clarified that “is based on reality”. That is to say, this series can be considered as, at least an attempt, of history.

The new Carlos and Diana for The Crown 5. Photo: (Netflix)

Even so, the Netflix blockbuster is not the only one that is responsible for telling the story of Elizabeth II and her family, but there are many more. That is why, from Spoiler, we reveal the two series that move away from the essence of Morgan’s creation and make fun, completely, of the members of the most powerful monarchy in the world.

The 2 series that make fun of the British monarchy:

1. The Prince:

It is one of the most controversial and criticized series in recent times. Available on HBO Max, The Prince follows the life of Prince George (Prince William’s eldest son), but shows it very different from reality. Beyond being a cartoon, this series talks about the future King of England from a satirical and critical perspective.

In 12 episodes, eight-year-old Prince George is shown as a spoiled child, who doesn’t follow the rules, but only listens to his great-grandmother, Elizabeth II. Also, in fiction, the little boy scares everyone, including his parents, William and Kate of Cambridge.

2. The Windsors:

It is a Netflix comedy which already has three seasons. This series offers a look at the public vicissitudes of the British royal family. Created by Channel 4, the fiction was highly criticized since it does not even change the name of the senior members of the monarchy.

The Windsors Not only does it poke fun at the abolition of the monarchy, it also shows Prince William and Kate trying to escape the responsibilities of being kings and in search of a normal family. On the other hand, Prince Harry is portrayed as illiterate, while Camilla Parker Bowles is once again the villain.

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