Papo MC, the Argentine rapper who won more than a million dollars in the World of Poker: passion, chips and sharp rhymes

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Alejandro Lococco, known as Chat MC, finished in seventh place on the World of Poker that was done in Las Vegas. The Argentine rapper was not bad at all: he will return to the country with more than one million dollars.

Who is Papo MC

Chat MC He is 29 years old and is a native of Mar del Plata. Thanks to his great performance in the tournament, he reached the final stage that had as the maximum prize 8 million dollars. “Playing on day 5 of the main event of the World Series of Poker. Once again I am going to ask you to send all your positive energies. I love you, “he wrote on his Instagram along with some photos participating in the tournament.

He couldn’t with the last play. “Thank you all for the stamina, I love you“He wrote minutes later on his Twitter account. The rapper received the support and congratulations of his followers.

In recent times, Lococco stood out in other competitions such as the Millions South America Rio Open, reaching fifth place. On his YouTube channel he also provides details about poker, how to learn how to play it and some tips. It is the best game I have ever played in my life. I met a lot of friends. It changed my life, the way I look at things and how to make decisions. It makes me very happy ”.

Papo MC and his other passion for freestyle

Known as The Hardcore Beast, was Argentine champion in 2016 and also participated in the international Battle of Red Bull Roosters In that same year.

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The energy and dedication that he transmits in the game is the same on the boards, where he shines with his sharp rhymes. “It shows that I enjoy what I do? And what do I feel in my veins? I do not know…. ”, He wrote in June, on his Instagram, accompanied by a photo where he is seen in action on stage.

The musician started with rap in 2008. His professional presentation was in 2011, at the “A Cara de Perro Zoo” in his hometown where he did not do very well. When he was eliminated, Papo MC promised a friend that he would prepare with everything to be the champion the following year. And he got it.

In 2012 he participated in Triangle Studio Fest, where he fell in the semifinals against Dtoke. His first appearance in the Batalla de Gallos Red Bull defeated Apolo in the round of 16, but was then eliminated by Dan Yelus In rooms. The following year he reached the last instance but could not win, achieving a runner-up.

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A Papo is also dedicated to organizing events. In 2017 he participated as an organizer or jury in events such as the Ego Fest, Batalla Dementes and Battle of Gods. He competed that year at the God Level, where he fell to Anzino in the quarterfinals. He was also in the FMS.

“Competition is a good tool to gain diffusion”, He described in an interview a few years ago. He also said that he had no problems with his colleagues, although he admitted that there were some rappers who did have differences with him. “I try to build instead of destroy,” he said, reflecting his personality.

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