Pedro Sánchez sold more than 50 thousand euros in arms to the regime

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The socialist government of Pedro Sánchez in Spain sold to Cuba in the last two years 50,792 euros in weapons of police repression, this according to “the Spanish statistics on the export of Defense material, other material and dual products and technologies. use”.

According to the information provided by the Spanish media OkDiaryIn 2019, the Sánchez government sold the Cuban regime 48,292 euros in pistols with their respective ammunition for the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) while, for the Armed Forces, ammunition for revolvers and shotguns was allocated.

Already in 2020, through the Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, the socialist executive of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) authorized the export of revolvers and automatic pistols as “defense material” to the Díaz-Canel regime for a value of 2,500 euros.

Cuba imported 1.2 million euros in propellants and other products

It should be noted that this was not the only acquisition by the Castro-communist regime since, also in complicity with the PSOE, 1.2 million euros were imported to Cuba in “propellants, pyrotechnic products, fuels and related substances, perchlorates, chlorates and chromates, oxidants, binders, additives and precursors ”.

It is worth mentioning that, with this same weapon obtained in complicity with the Spanish government, the Castro regime has repressed the protesters who, since last Sunday, July 11, have taken to the streets crying out for the end of the dictatorship.

So far, there has not been a forceful statement by the government of Pedro Sánchez regarding the violation of human rights in Cuba after the protests, failing that, they argued that the crisis the island is going through is linked to “ the fall in tourism ”derived from the coronavirus pandemic.

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Government of Pedro Sánchez distant from the reality of the protests in Cuba

Through a release issued on July 13 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain indicated that, “Spain, as an Ibero-American country, follows the situation in Cuba with great interest and very closely, after the events that occurred on Monday, and is waiting to see how the situation evolves today ”.

This statement was classified as distant from the reality of Cuba by Spanish politicians from the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos.

After the protests that occurred in Cuba since Sunday, July 11, the Díaz-Canel regime made it very clear that to repress, beat and assassinate the people who ask for a better quality of life if there is a budget.

To date, there has been one death, multiple injuries and more than 380 people missing or arrested after the massive demonstrations that occurred in several provinces of the island.

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