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PS5 breaks a record of scandal that Nintendo Switch had in the United States

After a long time, finally PS5 he has managed to break a brutal streak of Nintendo Switch, which had managed to be the console that sold more hardware each month in the lists of the United States. For 33 consecutive months!

According to the data collected by NPD Group, the PlayStation 5 finally won out over Nintendo’s hybrid console by become the best-selling hardware platform in the United States this past September. And not only did it sell the most units, it also raised the most money.

However, the remarkable success of the Nintendo Switch should not be underestimated. Especially considering that has been leading the country’s console market since November 2018. A date in which it succeeded in replacing the PlayStation 4. From there, and for 33 consecutive months, the Switch has consistently outsold both Sony and Microsoft. Still, you have to keep in mind that the last two have launched their new consoles during this period.

Yes OK Nintendo Switch is still the best-selling console in terms of units In the United States so far this year, as of August, the PlayStation 5 had surpassed the Nintendo console in terms of dollar revenue, and that continued last month. It is quite a feat, given that PS5 has suffered from a stock shortage throughout the year.

In September, US video game hardware sales in dollars increased 49% in comparison with the same month of 2020. NPD Group points out that total hardware spending last month reached $ 412 million.

In August, Sony reported that there were obtained enough components to be able to sell 22 million PlayStation 5 before the end of the current fiscal year. That said, the company has also suffered from shortages since the console’s launch. Along with graphics cards and Xbox Series X, part of the reason fans haven’t been able to get their hands on the latest hardware is due to a shortage of chips caused by the pandemic.

Estimates of when that shortage will end tend to vary. In August, Intel suggested that problems could last until 2023, while more recently Toshiba CEO Takeshi Kamebuchi said he thought chips would still be “very fair” until at least September next year. Either way, it looks like it might still be a while before the PS5 or Xbox Series X are consistently and widely stocked at retailers around the world.

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