PSP games will continue to be sold on PS Vita and PS3

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The closing of the PlayStation Store on the PSP will not mean that the titles of the notebook will stop selling, as anticipated. At first, the goodbye of the digital store was also announced on PS3 and PS Vita, but in the face of the wave of complaints, the japanese recoiled and they announced that they would finally just shut down the Vita store. Through a message on ResetEra, it has been discovered that PSP video games can continue to be purchased on other platforms.

“You can keep shopping and playing to the content of PSP that is available in the stores of PS3 and PS Vita ”, they confirm. “However, you will not be able to make purchases through the ingame store for PSP content.” Although this information appeared in the Google cache and is not currently in the Store, Kotaku has contacted PlayStation and confirmed the information, so that the titles are saved, at least for the moment.

Jim Ryan’s message

When Sony announced the closure of the various stores, Jim Ryan himself, head of PlayStation, had to publish the rectification on the platform’s official blog. The manager acknowledged that they had taken “A wrong decision”, so he said he was happy to announce that they would keep “the PlayStation Store running on PS3 and PS Vita.” In that same statement, he confirmed that the decision on PSP was irrevocable, but did not anticipate at any time that this content could be acquired in other systems.

PSP was Sony’s first laptop, a system that featured great help by the Japanese company. Sagas known as God of War, Little Big Planet, Final Fantasy or Silent Hill had their own deliveries on the console. Worse luck was the PS Vita, a successor that failed to succeed in the market, so the Japanese decided to abandon it early and thus end its life cycle.

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