QNAP network storage: NAS operating system QTS 5.0 with new Linux kernel

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QNAP provides the QTS 5.0 operating system as a beta version for some of its NAS systems. The update comes with some fundamental changes, including an updated Linux kernel to version 5.10. Until now, the manufacturer used kernel versions 4.2.8 or 4.14.24, depending on the processor.

In practical use, the new Linux kernel is intended to increase the speed of PCI Express SSDs with NVMe protocol in particular when they function as a cache, for example when buffering data on hard drives. QNAP speaks in the announcement also of “improvements with AMD processors” without going into detail.

QTS 5.0 is to get a native VPN client for Wireguard, but according to the announcement it is still missing in the beta. Transport Layer Security (TLS) for encrypting network traffic to the outside world works from now on in the new and secure version 1.3. The Secure Shell (SSH) can now also be used with certificates instead of password authentication.

With artificial intelligence, QNAP wants to accelerate image and video recognition in suitable NAS systems. For example, QTS 5.0 should categorize photos more quickly according to the image content. In addition, the manufacturer promises to have fine-tuned the AI-based error prediction in order to detect failing drives at an early stage. However, the technology first has to prove itself.

Almost 50 compatible NAS devices lead QNAP in the compatibility list for the QTS 5.0 Beta. Anyone who has one can use the operating system Download from the manufacturer’s website. QNAP will receive feedback until the end of July 2021, which will then be incorporated before the final version appears.


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