Quake “revitalized edition” leaked to be announced at QuakeCon 2021

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The original post of this year’s QuakeCon schedule seems to suggest that a “revitalized edition” of the classic FPS de id Software, Quake, could be announced at this month’s convention.

The show features a panel called “Let’s talk about Quake”, which will take place live at live at 4:30 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) on Friday, August 20, 2021. When originally uploaded, the description for this panel said “Quake is backIn this special broadcast, Digital Foundry’s John Linneman talks to MachineGames’ Jerk Gustafsson about the title’s iconic legacy and what it meant to both of them. The couple It will also discuss the additional content that MachineGames has contributed to this revitalized edition. “.

Since then, the wording of the panel description has been modified to remove any mention of a “revitalized edition”, but the original version can still be find using Wayback Machine to see the calendar in its first post from August 12.

Mention of a revitalized edition in the panel description, and its subsequent removal, suggests Bethesda might be poised to announce an updated version of Quake at this year’s QuakeCon event, featuring new content developed by MachineGames.

Also, this all makes sense; id Software released Quake for the first time in June 1996, making this year the 25th anniversary of the game. A new version of Quake, be it a remastering, a re-release or something else, would align with the way major game anniversaries are sometimes celebrated, like this year’s launch of the original Zelda on a new Game and Watch device for its 35th anniversary. MachineGames also has a history with Quake, having previously celebrated its 20th anniversary. with the release of a new episode of the game in 2016. You can watch it below.

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MachineGames designer Jerk Gustafsson has also previously stated in a Reddit AMA in 2019 that “Developing a Quake game is and will always be on my wish list.”.

For official details on what may or may not happen for Quake’s 25th anniversary, and if Gustafsson can finally add that milestone to his wish list, Tune in to QuakeCon, which begins August 19, 2021. Until then though, it might be time to rediscover the original, arm yourself to the teeth and face Shub-Niggurath one more time.

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