Ransomware attack on Medatixx: major alarm in healthcare

Ransomware attack on Medatixx: major alarm in healthcare

The IT service provider Medatixx fell victim to a ransomware attack. The company announced on Monday in Eltville that it has been working on restoring its own infrastructure since the middle of last week. Medatixx offers various software products for doctors that are used in around a quarter of German practices.

“As things stand, the attack was directed against Medatixx as a company, not against our customers”, announced Medatixx. The function of their practice management systems (PVS) is “not affected according to current knowledge”.

As a precaution, Medatixx nevertheless recommends that customers and sales partners change the Windows passwords, the password for the firewall and the password for the connector with which a practice is connected to the telematic infrastructure of the healthcare system (TI).

The company has a quick guide publishes how the passwords can be changed outside of the practice software. With it you’ll get Further Information on the affected products.

After Compugroup, Medatixx is number 2 in the PVS market. A quarter of resident doctors use Medatixx software. Medatixx itself has 19 locations throughout Germany and 47 sales partners for the different versions of their practice software.

If, in addition to the ransomware attack on Medatixx, the “cyber attack” also hijacked the passwords of practices and their connectors stored in remote maintenance systems and saved them elsewhere, there is likely to be the greatest attack on the German healthcare system.

But even without this possible threat, this attack is a serious matter, as Medatixx itself writes: “The focus of our activities is on restoring the availability of our central and regional support as quickly as possible and making all other areas of the company that are indispensable for the practice operations of our customers operational . “


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