“Remembering the Legacy of Carlos Alberto Montaner, Celebrated Cuban Writer and Icon, Former Father-in-law of Jorge Ramos”

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Cuban Writer Carlos Alberto Montaner Passes Away at 80

The writer Carlos Alberto Montaner, one of the most prominent intellectuals in Cuban exile, died this Thursday in Madrid at the age of 80 accompanied by his family after suffering from a neurodegenerative disease for some time. According to the EFE news agency, the death of the former politician occurred in a “peaceful way.”

On his behalf, his wife Linda, his children Gina and Carlos and his granddaughters Paola, Gabriela and Claudia thank the professionals of the Spanish public health, the Right to Die with Dignity Association and all the relatives and friends who have expressed so much affection for him in the final stretch of a prolific life marked by the defense of individual liberties,” his family reported in a statement reproduced by numerous media.

A Life Dedicated to the Defense of Liberal Ideas

With a long journalistic, literary and political career, Montaner was one of the main voices of the Cuban exile, a staunch opponent of the Cuban dictatorship and defender of liberal ideas, which brought him closer and made friends with notable personalities, such as Peruvian Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa. His daughter Gina Montaner, also a journalist, was the first wife of Univision News presenter Jorge Ramos, with whom the Mexican had his first daughter, Paola, who has followed in the professional footsteps of her parents and his grandfather.

In fact, journalism has run through the veins of the Montaner family for generations.

From Sympathy to Opposition: Montaner’s Journey

The son of a journalist and teacher, Carlos Alberto initially sympathized with the Cuban Revolution, until the drift of Fidel Castro’s regime towards communism turned him into an adversary. Due to his activities, he was imprisoned at the age of 17 in a juvenile center with a 20-year sentence. A subsequent escape and the refuge he received in several Latin American embassies in Havana allowed him to finally reach the United States the following year.

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A Life of Achievement and Influence

After his arrival in South Florida and resuming his studies, he ended up working as a literature professor in Miami and in Puerto Rico. He also worked as a journalist for various Latin American and Spanish media. In the 1970s he moved to Madrid to study for a doctorate. It was in the Spanish capital, after the death of the dictator Francisco Franco, that he founded the Cuban Liberal Party.

A Legacy of Writing and Intellectual Success

Montaner was also a prolific writer with more than 20 titles, ranging from political essays to historical novels. His book The Perfect Latin American Idiot, together with Álvaro Vargas Llosa and Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza, was a publishing and intellectual success at a time of change in the region. The Penguin Random House publishing house recalled in a statement that Montaner concluded his memoirs, Sin ir más lejos, borrowing a phrase from the writer Julián Marías: “I did what I could”.

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