Who is Samsung Girl? Meet The New Samsung Virtual Assistant

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Who is Samsung Girl

At major IT organizations, virtual assistants have become somewhat of a norm. In 2011, Apple introduced Siri, which quickly became one of the most well-known and widely used virtual assistants on the market. Alexa was introduced by Amazon in 2014 and soon became one of the most popular and trusted house helpers. Then, in 2016, Google introduced Google Assistant, which soon became a favorite among Android users as well as those who prefer using a simple ‘Hey Google’ command to turn out the lights before bed. Samsung then bid farewell to S Voice, its own virtual assistant, in 2017 and introduced Bixby, a newcomer.

Who is Samsung Girl

Bixby has long been a favorite feature among Android Galaxy users who value the virtual assistant’s quickness and efficiency. On all new Galaxy devices, S Voice was replaced with Bixby, and Samsung made a point of promoting the new virtual assistant to as many people as possible. That’s why, when Samsung Girl debuted on the scene in 2021, it raised collective eyebrows among Samsung users all across the world.

Who is Samsung Girl?

Samantha Samsung has resurfaced as a result of a boost in popularity over the holiday weekend. She’s a cheerful, bright-eyed lady who likes to listen to music on her Samsung phone, play games and text her pals. She’s also the internet’s newest love interest, with the latter suddenly becoming enamored with her overnight.

So it was more about Sam’s appearance than what Sam can actually achieve in comparison to what Bixby is doing today. She has dark brown hair, and blue eyes, and is dressed in Samsung-branded pants and a shirt. Virtual Assistant in 3D from Samsung Sam became famous after internet users spotted her photos on a now-deleted post.

Lightfarm Studios created the Samsung Virtual Assistant, often known as Samsung Girl. The company is well-known for its photorealistic computer-generated visuals, films, augmented reality filters, and virtual reality apps. However, the notion of their virtual assistant, Sam, went viral. Fans have gone crazy on social media since Google has failed to reply to the studio’s concepts for Bixby’s potential replacement.

Hundreds of thousands of Twitter users have been busy posting jokes, fan art, and opinions about the new virtual assistant. The enthusiasm has unquestionably reached stratospheric levels, and it shows no signs of abating anytime soon.

Who is Samsung Girl

Is Samsung’s Virtual Assistant real?

Because it was only a concept, there don’t appear to be any plans for it to become a reality, leaving Samsung customers to ponder what may have been.

According to the designers, in order to develop the proper design, they used “realistic materials, mainly for the character’s hair and clothing, so that Sam felt aesthetically stunning.” They were undeniably effective in this.

It’s unclear if Sam will sit at the virtual assistant table with Bixby, Alexa, Cortana, and Siri. For the time being, Samsung Girl admirers will have to make do with the profusion of fan merchandise available.

Will Samsung Girl replace Bixby?

Neither Samsung nor Lightfarm Studios released an official statement following the rumored release of the Samsung Girl. Shortly after the avatar was launched, Lightfarm Studios removed all images of it from their website.

Samsung Girl is currently only an advertising character and will not replace Bixby. This may change in the future. Samsung Girl is unlikely to succeed Bixby for various reasons. First and foremost, neither Samsung nor Lightfarm Studios have ever officially recognized or promoted Samsung Girl as a Bixby alternative or even a virtual assistant. Secondly, and just as crucial, the names of virtual assistants do best when they are not readily confused for other terms. Samsung Girl, dubbed Sam, has so many potential blunders that it’s doubtful Samsung would release it.

Who is Samsung Girl

That hasn’t prevented people from fantasizing. The beauty and fascination of the avatar have remained to this day, with many anxiously expecting Samsung’s reaction. Given that S Voice existed from 2012 to 2017 before being replaced by Bixby and that Bixby has been announced for five years, advocates believe that Samsung Girl is one step closer to being a reality. For the time being, that remains to be seen, since Bixby remains Samsung’s official virtual assistant.

There are various virtual assistants available, ranging from Amazon’s Alexa to Microsoft’s Cortana, all with the goal of improving people’s processes. Despite the fact that many of these approaches may be distinguished by their distinct sounds, many do not have their own unique looks or characteristics. Lightfarm Studios, a worldwide acclaimed and award-winning visual arts production firm, has transformed all of this. The fact that Samsung Girl will be featured on the Tik Tok app indicates that her personality is well-liked by Samsung consumers. While Samantha’s renown is unsurprising, there is another persona who goes with the help of Pixar design, and this is known as Persona.

Apart from completely overtaking Bixby with a wholly new persona, the company has also grown highly famous very quickly. Indeed, the visual arts studio’s avatar designs have gone global, with admirers falling in love with hers so swiftly. Because many Samsung customers and the broader public have been bewildered, we’ve compiled this guide to everything you need to know about Sam, the Samsung Girl. 

The highly skilled folks of Lightfarm Studios created Samsung Girl. The company is well-known for creating photorealistic augmented reality filters, computer-generated photos, films, and virtual reality apps. Furthermore, Sam, their most recent concept, has become an Internet phenomenon.

Who is Samsung Girl

What happened to Bixby’s fate?

It’s still unclear how Sam will fit into Samsung’s existing AI ecosystem. Bixby has been Samsung’s voice assistant for a few years, with a major redesign after the first version failed to take off. Samsung doesn’t appear to be giving up on Bixby, having overhauled the UI at the end of last year to lower the amount of screen space it takes up and provide suggestions for what the user would like to do based on trends and prior user behavior.

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