Sebastián Yatra: From ‘Encanto’ to the Oscars: Everything we Know about Sebastián Yatra

The beautiful story of the animated film Encanto has managed to move hundreds of viewers (not just children) around the world, who can’t help but sing along to a soundtrack that fits the Madrigals like a glove. The Colombian rhythms of the composer Lin-Manuel Miranda leave us gems such as Bruno’s No Se Habla or the tender Dos or guitars. Can any of those present say that the latest melody has not been nailed to his heart? The lyrics intoned by Sebastián Yatra go beyond love to narrate the need to recover from a loss and the forced displacement that has affected Colombia for years. 

It is Yatra precisely who prints a sweetness and special sensitivity to the piece, who has conquered Hollywood. The Colombian singer could celebrate the Oscar for the best original song (really the nominee is the composer, but the voice has a special weight in the subject without a doubt) on March 27, an aspiration that manages to complete several records.

It is the second complete theme in Spanish that reaches the final list after Alotrolado del río, interpreted and created by Jorge Drexler for the film The Motorcycle Diaries that won the Oscar in 2005. Lin-Manuel Miranda faces his second nomination in this category after aspiring with the theme How Far I’ll Go, from the animated film Moana in 2016. Yatra would also be the fifth Colombian to be part of this film gala after Patricia Cardoso ( award for his short film El Reino de Los Cielos, 1995), Juan David Aristizabal (award for his short film A Second Change, 2013), Catalina Sandino (nominated for best actress forMaría full of grace, in 2005) and Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego (director and producer of The Embrace of the Serpent, nominated for a best foreign film in 2016).

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His family left Colombia

The Colombian’s career is certainly meteoric. Sebastián Yatra is only 27 years old and has three albums on the market, but he does not stop adding projects. Born in Medellín, he grew up in Miami, where he moved with his parents and his two brothers, away from the conflict in his native country. His father, Aníbal Obando Agudelo, was a well-known transport businessman who was in the crosshairs (one of his uncles disappeared after being kidnapped). “Medellín was a place that at that time was very difficult. My dad, there was a point where he himself was carrying a gun to defend himself against anything,” Yatra said in an interview with Caracol Television.

From a very young age he showed that his thing was music. To forget and Don’t call me were those first songs that made him an idol in record time. His charm and attractiveness coupled with his seductive voice made up this fan phenomenon that drove his followers crazy. Among his first collaborations are those he did with Cali and El Dandee and the producer Juan Magan, with whom he released Por fin te Encontrado. The Colombian, who has at least 20 platinum singles and two gold records in Chile, Mexico, the United States, Colombia, Spain, Ecuador, and Peru, released his first album Mantra in 2018, which would be followed by Fantasia (2019) and Dharma(2022). In the latter, he assures, he has noticed a lot of evolution since its inception. “ Mantra was the worst album, it was the first. As a composer, you want to do more too, that desire to show that you do it well. In the end, there are many layers above your essence, your nature, but many years have passed and on this album I feel more naked”.

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It has a Grammy nomination (best pop album for Fantasia, 2019) and eight Latin Grammys, four Latin American Music Awards, as many Billboard nominations, and a long list of mentions in the most important awards on the scene. Among the successful collaborations, she has accumulated is Chica Ideal with Guayana, which has surpassed 712 million global views. Among the artists with whom she has sung is Aitana, who became one of her great friends and with whom she was seen on several occasions sharing leisure plans in Spain. 

Our country has welcomed her with open arms (she has even been an advisor on the talent show La Voz ) and she ishere where he has revealed one of his most personal secrets: his belief in reincarnation and astrology. It is precisely this discipline that guides some of his steps. “I spend my birthday in different places depending on where the stars align” he acknowledged with some embarrassment on his recent visit to Spain.

His best known relationship

Although he has been linked to Danna Paola, Ester Expósito, Anaili Abreu, Clara Galle and even Cristina, daughter of Julio Iglesias to whom he would have dedicated his song with the same name, his only confirmed relationship was with the Argentine Tini Stoessel. Tired of hiding the love he felt for the singer, Yatra stole a kiss from his girl during a concert in Buenos Aires in the spring of 2019 that sparked madness. “We did it at my show in Buenos Aires. We did not expect that stir, we were really experiencing the process of going from being friends to something more serious. It has been nice, people write to us and have been aware of our relationship, but the most important thing is to live it in a beautiful way from the inside out”, Sebastián explained then. Wasan an intense year of love with many public displays of affection that sadly ended in the spring of 2020.

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How is your heart right now? What should your ideal girl have? Sebastián Yatra responds to HOLA!4U

Since then, Yatra has continued to focus on his work, which now takes a new turn, presenting him as an actor. Today, March 11, Netflix premieres Once upon a time… but no longer, a series delivered, written and directed by the Mexican Manolo Caro, who triumphed with his very personal style in La casa de las flores. This is the first musical fiction in Spain that will review some of the classic themes of Spanish and Latin pop in the midst of a plot that will try to reinvent fairy tales. 

The story centers on two tragically separated lovers who have to meet in an afterlife to break the curse of the town they live in, but it’s not going to be easy for them. Along with the Colombian appear the Spaniards Rossy de Palma, Asier Etxeandia, Mariola Fuentes, Itziar Castro, the Chilean Daniela Vega and the Mexican Mariana Treviño, among others. Sebastián adds and continues, we cross our fingers to see him soon with the statuette in his hand!

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