Serious riots in Brussels in protest against the Belgian Government’s anti-Covid restrictions

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Serious riots in Brussels in protest against the Belgian government’s anti-Covid restrictions. It is estimated that some 8,000 people walked the streets of Brussels in protest against sanitary measures to contain the coronavirus and the possible obligation of the vaccine as the country faces record rates of accumulated incidence since the beginning of the pandemic, with 2,127 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in fourteen days.

The demonstration, which ended with some serious incidents, began around one o’clock near the North Station of the Belgian capital and advanced to the European quarter, where the protesters displayed posters in defense of freedom and against « “dictatorship of stigmatization” of the unvaccinated.

The demonstration was surrounded by high precautions and vigilance after a similar but larger protest two weeks ago, with 35,000 people, left more than 40 detainees, three injured and numerous material damages.

The participants in the march consider the covid digital certificate, necessary in Belgium to access bars, restaurants and some leisure events, “contrary to fundamental rights and discriminatory” and affirm that “The virus is not under control, but the population is”, in statements collected by the Belgian newspaper Le Soir.

Some pointed out not being against vaccines, but against the possible obligation to receive them, a debate on which no decision has yet been made in Belgium, beyond for health personnel as of January 2022.

Israel studies a fourth dose

The Israeli government is studying authorizing the supply of a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine to reinforce the population with immunodeficiencies, according to Israeli television Channel 12.

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Health authorities would be debating the pros and cons of administering a fourth dose of vaccine particularly given the news of the expansion of the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

The third dose was already administered from July with preference for people with immune systems at risk such as those undergoing cancer treatments.

The United Kingdom is also studying the administration of a fourth dose of the vaccine for a population with immunodeficiencies.

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