Serious riots in Rotterdam in protests against the Dutch Government’s anti-Covid restrictions

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The center of the port city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, has been the scene this Friday of strong disturbances and clashes with the Police during protests against the new restrictions imposed by the Dutch Government to face a new upsurge in the pandemic.

Hundreds of people have participated in demonstrations that at the end of the afternoon have led to clashes with the Dutch Police, who have had to dissolve the attendees by firing rubber balls and water cannons.

At least two people have been injured in clashes, in which some of the attendees have fired fireworks at the officers. Firefighters have also had to go to put out several of the fires caused by the protesters, reports the NOS network.

“This has nothing to do with demonstrating, but with rebellious scum and naive and stupid followers,” denounced the Chief Executive Officer of the Dutch Police, Koen Simmers.

The train service to and from Rotterdam Central Station has been suspended until further notice, pending the fact that the Police can quell riots called in protest at the Government’s plans to restrict entry to public spaces to those who do not have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Behind the riots would be groups such as Dockers United, or Feyenoord City, known to the authorities for having organized previous protests against the measures imposed to stop the advance of the pandemic, such as those that were registered last January when the touch was decreed. curfew in the Netherlands.

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