Shein: Why does the popular fashion brand have this name and what is its mysterious origin?

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If you usually buy clothes online, you will surely meet Shein, a brand of Chinese origin that in recent years seems to have become one of the most popular, but what do we know about this brand? Why does Shein have this name and what is its origin? Apparently there are many doubts about how Shein was born since its origins are involved in much mystery.

Shein: Why does the popular fashion brand have this name and what is its mysterious origin?

Just enter the web de Shein, and apart from all collections of fashion what are you offering, little information they give us on its origins in its section «Who we are». In fact they only explain that reach more than 220 countries, and that was created in October 2008 so it will soon be celebrating its thirteenth anniversary.

Doesn’t it explain anything about its beginnings or its creator? Well, the truth is that not because of what it generates a certain halo of mystery that surprises many of its buyers who nevertheless adore the brand for what it offers: trendy clothes at really low prices.

A brand that has seduced the so-called «Generation Z»And of which despite its secrecy, we do know that fIt was created in the city of Nanking, located in the province of Jiangsu, en China.

The name of its creator is also known: Chris Xu, also called Yangtian Xu, an American of Chinese origin who graduated from the University of Washington from which, however, little more data is available.

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The origin of the name Shein

It was in 2012 when Xu registered the domain, which was the store’s first name, She Inside, which he apparently created from a pun on See Inside. But this name only lasted three years since once the expansion started international of its online store decided to shorten it. Thus was born in 2015 the name Shein by which the brand is known today.

Shein’s progressive success

Since it was launched in online commerce, Shein has not stopped growing but it has been in the last three years when its expansion has been definitive. It has become an online brand of reference in many countries around the world, especially Europe (in the UK alone it sells more than 30,000 items a day) and in USA has “swept away” being the most downloaded app in the last year. It is further said that its sales policy offering more than 1,000 new items per day, with great deals, discounts, and the fact that orders arrive faster and faster has laid the groundwork for making your clientele is more and more loyal and increase in quantity progressively.

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