Sheyla Rojas and Luis Advíncula: the story of a secret romance

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Sheyla Rojas is a renowned Peruvian influencer who currently resides in Mexico, the country where he left to start a new life away from scandals and where he has a relationship with Luis Miguel Galarza Muro, better known as Sir Winston. Although, he assures that his partner has given him stability and supports him in everything, before being with him he had romances with different characters, among which the footballer stands out. Luis Advíncula.

And is that After some controversial images and conversations will be broadcast on WhatsApp, where he talks about the player of the La Blanquirroja football team, she was removed from the conduction of “You are in all”, a space that led for seven years; something that not only affected her professionally, but also personally, as she began to receive all kinds of qualifications.

Although more than a year has passed since the news that filled the covers of the entertainment media, the issue still continues to raise dust, something that was corroborated when Noemi Castrillón, the athlete’s mother, said in an interview with “Al sixth Day” that the popular Shey Shey “It was not worth his son” and that if she had earned the position of being a desired woman “it was with her money.” Because of everything this love affair involved, we let you know the details of it.

Next, we tell you what is known about the secret romance that the former reality girl and the soccer player had.

At the end of August 2020, the Magaly Medina program revealed a photograph where Sheyla Rojas sitting on the legs of Luis Advíncula. In addition to being very affectionate, she took him in her arms and gave him a passionate kiss, something that he also returned. This happened in the early morning of October 16, 2019, after the Peruvian team played a friendly with Uruguay, but the rapprochement between the two had already happened days before.

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“They were already communicating on Instagram and they met for lunch, which was at the Country Hotel. I really liked him because he was a nice guy. Lunch was over and we were dropped off at the apartment. They coordinated by WhatsApp and arranged to see each other after the game. At 12 o’clock at night he came to pick us up and took us to an apartment in Miraflores. We were Sheyla, Advíncula, two of his friends, a friend of ours and I “, said Irvin Vera, a friend of the Chiclayana.

When they arrived at the meeting, something seemed strange to him because there were so few people. “If a person who likes you invites you to a meeting and there are no people, it is so that it does not end well. My advice was: ‘Let’s go for a bit and come back. When I realized it, the photo had already passed, control had already been lost and I ordered a taxi by application and took it with me “, he stated.

Because what happened that morning left them marked, the next day they contacted again, according to Irvin Vera told “Magaly TV La Firma”. It was there that Luis Advíncula proposed to Sheyla Rojas to travel to Spain for a weekend. The coordinations were given by Instagram.

The influencer prepared everything for the meeting with explicit publications on social networks where he put a description to one of his photos: “And if we repeat that moment”, to which the footballer immediately gave “I like”.

In order for the trip to take place as soon as possible, she began to pressure the athlete, who did not hesitate to take out two tickets for Antoñito’s mother to go with his friend to the Motherland.

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Sheyla Rojas and Irvin Vera traveled to Spain on November 23, 2019This was the third time they met to unleash their love, said the friend of the former driver of “You are in all.”

“Lui Advíncula does not receive us, he sends us to pick us up and lodges us in the center of Madrid. At night, we go out to a disco. What I saw between them is kept for me. [Pero] that night I went alone to the lodging “said the boy.

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