Snowflake integrates Python into its developer framework

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The US data cloud service provider Snowflake announced some fundamental enhancements for the Snowpark developer framework as part of its recent Snowday event. In addition to Java and Scala, application developers as well as data scientists and data engineers will in future also have the Python programming language available – including access to the curated collection of open source libraries on the Anaconda platform.

In order to give companies the opportunity to develop new applications directly on the basis of their databases within the Snowflake platform, the provider only opened the Snowpark development environment for the use of common programming languages ​​beyond SQL in the middle of the year. Python has now joined Java and Scala. The language, which is particularly popular in the data science and machine learning environment, is now natively integrated into the Snowflake engine, so that even distributed development teams can jointly access the code and the required data as well as ML pipelines and workflows in one of them familiar programming language.

Thanks to a partnership with Anaconda, Snowflake users also have access to thousands of Python libraries and packages as well as dependency management. Especially in the enterprise environment, this creates the necessary trust to be able to meet all security and governance requirements, explains Snowflake product manager Torsten Grabs in an interview with heise Developer. In addition, all data stocks can remain in the secured data cloud.

Python in Snowpark is now initially available to a selected group of users as part of a private preview. More details on this and on the multi-cloud extensions that now also cover Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform in addition to AWS, can be found in a blog post.

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