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The film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” hit theaters on December 17. This is Tom Holland’s third film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Peter Parker has to finally take the final step to become the arachnid hero.

In the last production, we saw that this character was always in the shadow of Tony Stark and looked for a new mentor in Mysterio. When the images of him allegedly eliminating the villain are revealed, his identity is exposed and he flees to the Sanctum Sanctorum to search for a spell that will solve everything.

Doctor Strange creates a spell to erase everyone’s memory but is interrupted by Parker after noticing that MJ would also forget his alter ego. That’s where the multiverse of insanity begins.

Various villains from the other Spider-Man franchises crossed the multiverses to eliminate this version of Peter Parker. Among them are important characters such as Doctor Octopus or Norman Osborn.

Why does Spider-Man have a new suit at the end of the film?

Of course, in order to fix everything, Strange used a counter spell to make everyone forget Parker. It is this way alone that would prevent more villains from crossing the multiverses.

However, it is striking that at the end of the film, Parker has a suit similar to the comics, after having used the one that Iron Man gave him. One theory indicates that it could be because this technological costume no longer recognizes Parker.

The spell has not only affected people’s memory, but it could have also disassociated it from Stark technology. In the future you will not be able to use the glasses or any other object that requires biometric authentication of Stark technology.

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Why does Spider-Man have a new suit at the end of the film?  (Photo: Sony)Why does Spider-Man have a new suit at the end of the film? (Photo: Sony)

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