Star Wars: Adam Driver does not rule out his return to the saga as Kylo Ren

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Adam Driver, the famous actor who has played the villain Kylo Ren in the latest film trilogy of Star Wars, does not rule out returning to the role of Ben Only if the right circumstances arose, since “the only thing that interests me is working with great filmmakers”, has pointed in a recent interview on the occasion of the premiere of his next film, House of Gucci.

Adam Driver Open to Return as Kylo Ren

And it is that if recently since Lucasfilm made sure that the production company have not forgotten at all the characters introduced in Episodes VII, VIII and IX, now Adam Driver himself, who has played Kylo Ren in the last three films of the saga, does not rule out returning to his role in the future.

I am not totally against. For me, it is a medium of filmmakers, so the only thing that interests me is working with great filmmakers. Whatever the size, it has never been interesting to me, up to a point. There are interesting things in working on both. I always follow people that I would be interested in working with, and if it would be suitable for the role, things like that. No definitely i am not reluctantDriver responds to the question of whether he would like to return as Kylo Ren at some point.

And it is that we remember that despite the disparate opinions among fans about the last trilogy and the fatal fate of a redeemed Ben Solo At the end of Episode IX, there is always the possibility that one character or another will return in the future, even to star in prequels, as will happen next year with the series Andor about the movie Rogue One. Maybe a series on Kylo Ren’s origins or some other spin-off? If the project is interesting, Adam Driver does not rule it out at all.

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