Steam Deck: Gabe Newell hopes to sell “millions of units”

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Steam Deck is Valve’s new portable console. A rumored move, but no less shocking, by introducing a giant like Gabe Newell’s company into the portable console market. Nintendo Switch OLED (349 euros) now sees a rival – it remains to be seen to what extent – that will start from 419 euros. In the absence of knowing if the price difference will be much narrower than what really distances your target audiences, Newell is convinced that they can succeed.

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“Our opinion is that, if we do it right, we will sell millions of units, and it is evident that we are going to establish a new product category in which we and other PC manufacturers are going to be able to participate ”, he begins by saying in a meeting with IGN, when asked about the possible high production price of a machine as powerful as the Steam Deck. “And that it’s going to have long-term benefits for us”, He argues convinced.

The priority of Valve’s hardware team was to offer a product with great performance and capable of offering a great gaming experience, that you take the console and feel something powerful. The price was “secondary”, he acknowledges, although not for that reason a critical and fundamental element to place it on the market.

Steam Deck will arrive in December 2021 for pre-orders; three models available

We are talking about a console with a custom AMD APU accompanied by a Zen 2 CPU with up to 448 GFlops FP32 and an RDNA 2 GPU with up to 1.6 TFLOPS FP21. All with a 16GB RAM brain. At launch we will find three internal storage configurations: 64 GB eMMC (419 euros), 256 GB NVMe SSD (549 euros) and 512 GB NVMe SSD (679 euros).

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Steam Deck pre-orders start this Friday July 16, 2021 at 7:00 PM (CEST), only for residents of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. In addition, there is an added requirement to avoid speculators: the first 48 hours of availability of reservations are restricted to users who have made a purchase on Steam before June 2021.

Source | IGN; via PC Gamer


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