“Summer Eye Care: Tips to Avoid Common Eye Problems and Protect Your Vision”

Protecting Your Eyes in the Summer: Tips for a Safe and Healthy Season

Summer brings with it a variety of visual challenges, from the sun’s rays to the effects of air conditioning. It’s important to take extra care of our eyes during this season to prevent infections and other conditions. Dr. Fernando Llovet, ophthalmologist co-founder of Clínica Baviera, advises that certain guidelines should be followed to ensure good visual health during the summer months. Dr. Ronald Sánchez, ophthalmologist and specialist from Miranza, adds that our eyes can be affected by external factors to which they are not accustomed. Here are some key recommendations for a summer without eye troubles.

Possible Dangers in the Sea and Pool

Beaches and pools are popular destinations during the summer, but it’s important to be aware of potential eye infections. Amoebas and bacteria in the water can harm our eyes if we submerge and open our eyes. Contact lens wearers are particularly vulnerable to these injuries and should avoid wearing them while swimming. Dr. Sánchez recommends using diving goggles to prevent irritations and other eye injuries in both pools and open water. Chlorine and other chemicals used to maintain pool water can also cause discomfort and infections. Frequent bathing without goggles can worsen dry eye symptoms and increase sensitivity to light.

The Effects of Seawater

Seawater contains a high amount of salt which, when in contact with our tears, can dry out the tear ducts and increase irritation. Dr. Sánchez advises the use of goggles or a diving mask when swimming in the sea to protect your eyes from salt and potential infections.

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Eye Care for Divers

Divers need to pay special attention to their eye health. Using diving masks with UV protection is essential to shield the eyes from harmful sun rays. Pressure changes during diving can cause minor to serious injuries in the eyes. It is important to balance pressure in the ears and sinuses regularly to avoid barotrauma. Serious eye injuries can include retinal detachment, cataracts, and vascular alterations.

The Sun, Our Great Enemy

Continuous exposure to the sun can cause damage to the eyes, especially during the summer months when the sun’s rays are more intense. Ultraviolet radiation can harm the retina if we stare directly at the sun. It is crucial to wear approved sunglasses with proper UV filters to protect our eyes. Allergies related to environmental particles can also affect eye health during hot weather.

Keeping Your Eyes Hydrated

High temperatures, air conditioning, and fans can cause dryness in the eyes, leading to discomfort such as itching and eye strain. It is important to stay hydrated, avoid direct exposure to air currents, and use artificial tears to combat dry eye syndrome. Wind and sand can also be hazardous to the eyes, so blinking or rinsing with water or saline solution is recommended to remove any foreign particles.

In conclusion, to maintain good eye health during the summer, it is advised to limit sun exposure, avoid wearing contact lenses while swimming, use goggles or diving masks, avoid dry environments, stay hydrated, avoid sharing towels, be cautious with protective creams, lubricate the eyes during air travel, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. By following these recommendations, you can enjoy a safe and healthy summer season for your eyes.

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