Best Super Mario’s Enemies Ranked

Super Mario's Enemies, Ranked

The Super Mario video game series is one of the best. One reason for this is how many different things it has to offer. There are platform adventure games, sports games, racing games, party games, and more, all in this one series. Throughout more than 200 games, Mario has faced a lot of enemies.

There are a lot of enemies in the Super Mario games because Mario has had to deal with many threats, and Bowser’s army is massive. These bad guys are almost as famous and well known as the Italian plumber. Let’s look at some of Mario’s most popular and coolest minions he has crushed and killed over the last few decades.


Goomba are not very hard to beat. They come in large numbers, which can be annoying sometimes, but they are easy to deal with. All Mario has to do to get rid of them is either jump on top of them or punch them. They are also pretty slow, so when they charge, the player can easily avoid them if they want to. Since they also don’t do much damage, it’s clear that they are not a threat in the slightest.

Chain Chomp

The name says it all: they are usually on chains and like to bite anyone who gets too close. They are some of the most challenging enemies for Mario to kill, and they are very dangerous because they lunge at you instead of moving back and forth like most other enemies. There are times when they aren’t tied down, and when they roll after you like a huge boulder, it’s terrifying.

Also, it’s important to note that they’re like the dogs of the Mushroom Kingdom. They bark, and they have been Bowser’s army’s guard dogs. Chain Chomps in the wild have shown that this lousy guy can sometimes be scary but also cute. This animal with a ball and chain has been a threat on Mario Kart tracks and in Mario Party minigames. It is also a playable character in Mario Tennis Aces and is surprisingly good at tennis.

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Boos are characters that aren’t always too hard to deal with. They disappear when Mario looks at them, making them harder. This makes them completely impossible to break. They don’t move the fastest because they want to surprise Mario. But the fact that they can easily avoid danger and push Mario off stages can be hard to deal with.

Piranha Plant

There are dangerous flowers called Piranha Plants all over the Mushroom Kingdom. Like the Chain Chomp, they have sharp teeth that could tear you. Piranha Plants can hurt the Mario Bros. in many ways, such as by shooting fireballs, spitting acid, growing long vines, jumping through the air on their vines, and more. They can be used as an item in Mario Kart, and in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, they can even be played as a character.

The Piranha Plant has become a standard part of most Mario games, no matter what kind of game it is. Nintendo is always coming up with new ways to change the Piranha Plant. In the past, it was a two-legged plant monster named Petey Piranha. Now, it looks like a plant skeleton. Who knows what will come next?


Some new players might think that Wiggler is not even an enemy. He may look like a nice guy, but he turns into a real force when he feels in danger or gets angry. When you look back at Super Mario Sunshine, this is especially true. He runs around the island and always looks for Mario to attack. Even though he is brutal in other games, this is the one where he is almost impossible to beat.

Hammer Bro

Hammer Bros. are turtles that can throw hammers, which is an excellent concept. They are also smart enough to wear helmets instead of relying only on their shells for protection, even though it doesn’t help them much. Because it is so hard to get past someone throwing hammers at you, fighting against more than one Hammer Bro. at once can be challenging. In Super Mario World, it was so hard to get past the Amazing Flyin’ Hammer Brother that it’s hard to forget how hard it was. Because they make things harder, they have been used a lot throughout the series.

These top members of the Koopa Troop have sometimes helped Mario and Luigi get the Hammer Suit power-up, which is easily one of the best in the series. Because Hammer Bro. is so popular, he has been made playable in a few sports, party, and racing games in the past.

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Bower is by far the most dangerous enemy Mario has to face. This is because he is the reason why Mario has to go on these long journeys all the time. He is also scary enough to be in charge of Mario’s many enemies.

Bowser is firm when fighting Mario, no matter what game the player is playing. Bowser is at his most brutal in Bowser’s Fury, where Mario can only beat him with the Giga Bell power-up. In this game, he needs to stay out of his way when he doesn’t have it. If he doesn’t, Bowser’s power will hurt him quickly because it can’t be stopped.


The first time Super Mario faced enemies that exploded was in Super Mario Bros. 2, which came out in 1988 for the NES. Once their fuse is lit, these bombs on their legs get angry quickly and chase Mario until they blow up. So, it’s no surprise that bomb-ombs quickly turned into enemies that players can use to blow up secret passages and find hidden items.

The Paper Mario sub-franchise did a better job of showing how bomb-ombs can be both enemies and helpers. In the Paper Mario games, there are a lot of bad bomb-ombs to defeat. However, some games also have a bomb-omb friend who helps Mario blow holes in walls. Because of Paper Mario, bomb-ombs went from being mindless minions to being complex creatures with their own culture. The same could be said about any famous Super Mario enemy since Paper Mario goes out of its way to give them personalities.

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We used to think that the old Toadsworth was Princess Peach’s father, but now we know he is part of her diplomatic team. Even so, he is still very protective of the princess, whom he has cared for since she was a baby. He is kind, helpful, and like a father to her and all the other Toads in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Baby Luma

Lumas are a race of cute, living stars that play a big part in the story of the Super Mario Galaxy. And this baby star is the best person to represent them. It’s probably Rosalina’s best and closest friend since they’ve been looking for Baby Luma’s mom’s mother since the beginning. Over time, Rosalina got to know the rest of the Lumas and became like their adopted mother. But she will never forget this cute space body.


Being brave doesn’t mean not being afraid. Instead, it’s about overcoming this fear so you can do what you need and do great things. By this measure, Luigi is the bravest person in the Marioverse. Even though he’s a coward, he’s always willing to join his brother on his crazy adventures. And, as in Luigi’s Mansion, he’ll risk his life to protect him. Plus, he gets the best memes all the time.


But the best Mario character has to be the one who brings everything together. Mario is the only face of video games. Sure, he has too much power. And yeah, this choice is pretty clear. But it’s safe to say that this guy’s red outfit and mustache have greatly changed the video game industry. Everything he does, he does well.

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