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The Amazon Prime series for Latin America, Supernova, arrives in 2022

Amazon Prime Video continues to conquer different markets through a strategy that includes partnering with local production companies to generate content of interest that can attract new audiences and add subscribers. In this way, it looks for smart, proactive and thriving partners who have projects ready to fascinate. It is not strange that they have chosen Kapow and October Group in your search.

All three partners are responsible for Supernova, the new dramatic comedy with the direction of the experienced Ana Katz, who chose a luxurious cast for his show. We are talking about Ruggero Pasquarelli, Carolina Kopelioff, Johanna Chiefo, Nancy Duplaa, Inés Estévez, Marina Bellati, Luis Ziembrowski y Diego Cremonesi. These interpreters will come to your TV exclusively for Amazon Prime Video for Latin America and the United States as well as Channel 9 in Argentina.

Supernova highlights the path of youth in today’s world

Supernova presents an emotional journey, with sexual spices, of a group of young people who are passing 30 years and face the prejudices that exist in today’s society indicating that at that age everything must be “On track”. However, they will look for their own voice and identity to base the place where they find what we all want: Freedom and happiness!

The show has characters of different age ranges that are directly related to the protagonists who, from their ages and conflicts, find unique and creative ways of questioning the different orders that are installed as “What should be”. Interesting…

The program is produced by Kapow, in co-production with October Group. Ana Katz She is the showrunner and also the director of the series. The executive producers are Agustin Sacanell, Lucas Rainelli, Diego Ventura and Johanna Chiefo. Supernova will have 4 episodes of 30 minutes duration and will be available from 2022.

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