The character of Encanto that apparently existed

Charm is the last premiere of Disney and according to the critics it lives up to its title: it has a 93% approval rating in Rotten Tomatoes And, for many, it is the best release of the studio in recent years. The film is completely traversed by Colombian culture and takes place in the middle of the jungle of that country. There lives a family with different magical powers that is in charge of the welfare of the town.

Mirabel Madrigal is the protagonist of the story and one of the members of the Madrigal family. While her relatives have powers like super strength, extreme hearing, or can even talk to animals, she is the only one who was not blessed with a gift. The film supports its message in the identity of the people and the need to understand that we are more than our abilities and, apparently, it has a character inspired by real life.

Camilo Madrigal, who received the power to transform into anyone and spends the entire movie changing shape to prank his family members, was based on a real person. So it was revealed in the middle El Quindiano, where they talked with the person who inspired this character from Charm. Is about Camilo Garcia Escobar, who was part of the pre-production process for this story.

In 2018, Garcia Escobar served as a guide for the members of the film who began to investigate in the development of Charm. Camilo is a biologist and tour guide who defined the experience of working with Disney What “wonderful” for the possibility of showing “How fascinating Colombia is”. The South American collaborated with musicians, historians, anthropologists, dancers and artists from the country to help in this production.

The day Disney told him they would honor him

On El Quindiano, Garcia Escobar He said that after his work with Disney, received a very special call. “It was very exciting to receive communication from the director of the film telling me that they had decided to call Camilo to one of the characters in the story “, he pointed. In this context, he asserted: “I am very proud of my country! Going through it has allowed me to recognize the beautiful, the rich, the unsurpassed in terms of biodiversity and natural resources, the enormous number of beautiful people and beautiful families “.

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