The Cuban regime Police decide to move away and allow the passage of a demonstration in Camagüey

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A video that is being disseminated on social networks, one of the few that manages to circumvent the internet blockade installed in Cuba, shows a manifestation against the communist regime passing the police cordon that tried to stop them. A crowd advances down one of the main streets of Camagüey. While supporters of the Castro regime, next to a police cordon with several agents, make gestures to them not to continue, the hundreds of people who are advancing do not back down and continue on their way shouting “yes, we can!”

At the moment in which the head of the demonstration reaches the line of police agents, when the worst is feared given the history of violent repression that the Cuban security forces have, it is possible to observe how the agents step aside to let them pass. Something that the protesters celebrate with glee. Various testimonies on Twitter speak of some police stations that have abandoned the defense of the regime to join the people. But in most towns on the island, the dictatorial regime led by Miguel Diaz-Canel, the repression intensifies with agents armed with rifles and weapons of war. From Cuba come testimonies that speak of hundreds of detainees and countless deaths at the hands of police officers and supporters of the communist regime.

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