The day Úrsula Corberó received an insult on the street for a series she starred in

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On Spanish television, The Money Heist it was a real failure. But the eye of Netflix does not fail, and once the series created by Alex Pina was incorporated into the platform’s catalog, it achieved unprecedented success. Quickly, the whole world met its protagonists, who gained popularity like never before. Úrsula Corberó, who plays Tokyo and tells the story of the red monkey robbers, was one of them.

Today she is one of the most prestigious actresses in Spain: it is summoned to dozens of projects, has 23 million followers on her Instagram and is friends with the most recognized celebrities globally. But in the beginning, it was not so. In fact, many forgot that as a child she was an actress and even confused her characters with the real person.

In this sense, the interpreter of Silene Oliveira -the real name of Tokyo- he told in an exclusive interview with Netflix how it was the first time they recognized her on the street after its beginnings on Spanish television. “To the 11 years I did a series for TV3 where my character killed his brother”Corberó began by saying. And I add: “I was in love with the other brother, so to be together we killed him. Very bad all”.

In this way, the Spanish continued her story: “One day I was on the subway with my mother and a lady got very angry. Because, of course, I was very bad in the series. And it was the first time that I felt that someone knew me”. Úrsula maintained: “The lady told me: ‘Don’t do that, you don’t do that to a brother. You are very bad’. And I had to explain that I was an actress”.

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In times of haters On social media, Úrsula Corberó seems to be more than used to these experiences. Is that his first role was obtained in 2002 and then achieved great recognition in his teens for his role as Ruth Gomez in the youth series physics or chemistry. Now, days after finishing his work in The Money Heist the December 3, is emerging as one of the public’s favorites and as the great figure of the streaming giant.

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