The dictator Maduro will free Guevara to whitewash the negotiations taking place in Mexico

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The Government of Venezuela will release the opponent Freddy Guevara, representative of Popular will and one of the main partners of Juan Guaidó, so that you can attend the dialogues that are being held in Mexico City, with a view to trying to solve the serious crisis at all levels in which the South American country is plunged.

Guevara, who has been imprisoned for more than a month at the headquarters of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) in Caracas, will be released so that he can attend the appointment in Mexico, according to the sources that the Bloomberg news agency has had access to.

With this measure, Guevara is expected to be able to represent Guaidó in the talks between the Government and the opposition delegation, la Unitary Platform, formed by four parties, among which is also Primero Justicia, of Henrique Capriles.

Until now, Voluntad Popular was represented by Carlos Vecchio, whom Guaidó had appointed as the United States ambassador. The delegation of government, with the president of the National AssemblyJorge Rodríguez, at the head, would have been against the presence of Vecchio in the negotiations when on Friday both parties signed a memorandum of understanding.

The document establishes that the dialogue process will work to achieve that international sanctions are lifted, political rights are restored, and political coexistence is guaranteed, the renunciation of violence and the protection of the processes. elections and the economy. Both parties are expected to meet again later this month or early September.

Guevara, 35, he had been vice president of the National Assembly between 2017 and 2018. The Venezuelan authorities announced his arrest in July for his alleged links with “extremist and paramilitary groups associated with the Government of Colombia,” according to a report presented by the Prosecutor’s Office.

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For this reason, he was charged with “crimes of terrorism, An attack against the constitutional order, conspiracy to commit a crime and treason against the fatherland ”, as he would have collaborated with the criminal gangs of the La Cota 905 neighborhood, in the southwest of Caracas, in the confrontation they had with the Police for three days.

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