The gay character of Álvaro Rico after Polo en Elite

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The gay character of Álvaro Rico after Polo en Elite

After being bisexual like Polo in Elite, Alvaro Rico prepares for another character who will show sexual diversity.

The 24-year-old Spaniard rose to international fame during the first three seasons of the popular Netflix series.

His character starred in hot sex scenes.

Now, Rico He arrives with a gay character in an environment totally different from Las Encinas ….

What is it about? Find out by watching the video above.

During an interview with the newspaper The country of Spain in 2020, they indicated to Alvaro Rico: “You have had sex scenes of all formats, but you will have already gotten the hang of it.”

The actor said: “Never has a sex scene disturbed me more than necessary. When I came to the shoot and saw that there was a sex scene, I took it exactly the same as if it was a scene in the hallway at school.”

He continued: “Yes, I have given more importance to those that had a dramatic charge. What I have learned from the sex scenes is that the key is to have confidence with your partner, agree with the director and do it as a choreography. I enjoy “.

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