The Handmaid’s Tale could end in season 5 and does a spin-off arrive?

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The fourth season of The Handmaid´s Tale It ended in the most shocking and unexpected way for all the fans. In an edition that has changed the rules of the game, the outcome was forceful, angry and bloody and the protagonist had two options: turn the page or seek revenge. So much so that the followers of this story were left wanting more.

That is why HULU, the original chain of The Handmaid´s Tale, decided to renew it for a new edition. The fifth part could be released just next year since it is still in full swing. However, the news about these upcoming episodes was not what many expected.

Is that, Jordan Helman head of Hulu, gave an interview for Deadline in which he stated that the fifth season of The Handmaid´s Tale it will be the last. “Your success remains paramount to us. That said, what is also more important is that we close that series in a creative way so we are in constant communication about what is the best way to end it.”Were his exact words.

The Handmaid’s Tale could end in the fifth edition. Photo: (HULU)

And then he added: “find the right ending to the series, whether it’s one season, two seasons or more, I have the utmost confidence that whatever they give us will be the proper ending”. However, despite the fact that it is already being analyzed to give a definitive closure to the strip starring Elisabeth Moss, there is also the idea of ​​making a spin off of one of the characters.

This is because in the Margaret Atwood novels, on which the series is based, there is a lot of Gilead story content. The Testament It is the exact book that recounts the life of this character and, for that reason, HULU would have already analyzed giving it a strip of its own. In the coming months that will happen sooner rather than laterHelman said about this possibility making thousands of fans happy.

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