The Last of Us: Saga Creator Reveals Ellie’s Last Name

The Last of Us: Saga Creator Reveals Ellie's Last Name

If there is a character for whom we will hardly forget The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Part 2, it is without a doubt Ellie With permission from Joel. However, we have rarely asked ourselves the following question: What is his last name? His full name has hardly ever been referenced, or not at least officially … until today. It was Neil Druckmann himself, creator of the saga and co-president of Naughty Dog, who has decided to put an end to the mystery. Is named Ellie Williams. The creative has confirmed that the surname pays tribute to Ken and Roberta Williams, founders of the mythical Sierra On-Line, to which Druckmann has always shown great admiration.

The Last of Us: Part 2 | Ellie’s Last Trip

The second installment is the latest and most recent in the saga. It debuted in 2020 on PS4 and won the best game of the year award at The Game Awards. In our analysis (9.3 out of 10), we said that “after a first game that is part of the history books in this medium, now it is accompanied by a work that bravely takes over, ready to set a precedent never seen in the narrative plane and that makes it clear that the use of technical power can be used to surprise beyond the graphic: no video game has been so realistic in its animations. Playable fun, balanced in action and stealth, it features a screen-eating Ellie; no doubt The wait was worth it”.

Both The Last of Us Remastered and The Last of Us: Part 2 were released on PS4 and are compatible with PS5. What’s more, Naughty Dog works on a multiplayer title of the saga, which was originally intended to be included in the second installment, but which will finally be released soon independently and will be “an ambitious project”According to the words of the study. Know all the details in the following link.

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