The New Trends in New Zealand Casinos

By: Will Wood

Published on:

Globalization has immensely affected the gambling industry, effects of which can be seen in far-reaching changes and studying the nuances of the trends of the time. 2018 alone has seen a total gross gaming win of $1.6bn in the gaming sector. It represents a CAGR of compounds annual growth rate of 3.4% Queenstown has grown to be the largest gambling city with:

  • 161 slots
  • 12 table games for punters
  • Video poker machines.

Sky City Casino, Auckland is the largest land-based casino of the Kiwis. New variants of themes, games, licenses, software, payment methods are coming up to meet the demands of a growing player base. The newest casinos take into account a lot of new factors that were earlier overlooked.

Trends and Transformations in Gambling

Gambling transformations and changing trends are inherent in the industry. Some are gradual and others radical. There has been an upward shift in the use of Bitcoins and cryptocurrency for the top-rated casinos in New Zealand presented at which led to the massive implementation of such payments. A corresponding fall has been seen in the use of Skrill or other e-wallet or net banking options. The payments are now made in crypto coins.

The percentage of users is on the rise. 2021 saw a 25% hike in cryptocurrency use as compared to 2019. It is predicted in the future these numbers will keep on rising and even overtake the conventional modes of payment like debit or credit cards. It is not possible to predict with cent percent assurance however the graph is promising. Its impact is sure to be seen in the market in the future. Attempts are being made to analyse these changes and form appropriate policies.

Technological Advances over Time

The newest trend in the gambling scenario has been the rapidly increasing availability of VR experience. Though currently available only in the offline casinos R&D is being devoted to introducing it in the online mode. The VR glasses make the experience palpable and profitable and attract a wider customer base. A survey conducted in Vas Vegas in January 2018 has shown that casinos that offer the VR selection see a 17% greater influx of new players and a 30% rise in traffic of regular players than those that don’t.

It works by employing the 3D slot machines and provides the punter with a 360° surround experience. Another glamorous new feature that is being installed in some casinos is voice command control through smartwatches. Through this system, bets can be placed by just speaking to the smartwatch. In 2018, casinos alone brought $399.4m which is 24.2% of the gambling sector’s overall worth.

A superior version of the hologram is being developed for casinos operational through mobiles. It will serve as an important sector in the industry.

Agencies that Test Games

Independent game testing agencies are cropping up alongside new games, models, and innovations. They ensure no player gets an undue advantage. Over time bias has been progressively removed. Players who responded to regular surveys run by casinos have reported increased satisfaction over the decade.

Online gaming used to yield 56% satisfied players in 2013, 59% in 2017, and a remarkable 72% in 2021, all of whom chose they would “Visit Site Again”. The RNG- Random Number Generator- is one tool used to bring the fair play to the game with equitable distribution of wins, losses and draws. This generator operates by:

  1. Studying innumerable spins
  2. Calculate the first number after 0.

The results vary when game developers look into the second or even the third number after 0 for devising new games. These trends ensure a fair chance to all, superior MP4 graphic quality and advanced computing, along with groundbreaking sound technology.

Social Services Responsibility

With rising concern and ethical education of gamers responsible is the new trend. New rules and regulations are coming up and upgrading them to ensure better player safety, prevention of problem gambling and illegal transactions. Responsible consumption of casino services must be of tantamount importance failing which will threaten not only the country with its populace but also the industry itself. Within 1 year of the introduction of responsibility gambling schemes, there has been a 7% fall in problem gamblers in NZ.

Online casinos have come up with the innovative solution of chat rooms for specific interaction. Here players can talk, discuss, and strategize on gambling and compete amongst themselves as well. In offline casinos, this virtual room will take the shape of a bar for meet and greet. As the industry expands the following 3 will keep on being upgraded:

  • better live dealers
  • range of games
  • avoiding connectivity issues.

Concluding Thoughts

The gaming industry has seen rapid growth since the global thrust, especially in the last ten years. Sky City Casino itself has 1,600 gambling machines, 100 gambling tables, and dedicated rooms for high-stakes gamblers. It will continue to increase as the population and online entertainment industry boom. The changes brought in by economic liberalization have boosted its market and the trends show an upward inclination for the future.