The next RISC-V-Raspi is called StarFive VisionFive V1

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The Chinese company StarFive will present the “VisionFive V1” at the RISC-V Summit in San Francisco on December 8th. The Linux-compatible single-board computer is equipped with the RISC-V processor StarFive JH7100, in which two CPU cores of the type SiFive U74 presented in 2018 are inserted. They should only achieve roughly the performance of the ARM Cortex-A55, but that would make the VisionFive V1 the most powerful affordable RISC-V platform for developers to date. After all, the board is also equipped with 4 or 8 GB of RAM.

That VisionFive V1 was announced by as BeagleV in early 2021; but in the summer broke off the project. The RISC-V-Chip StarFive JH7110, which is now expected sometime in 2022, should be significantly more powerful and better equipped.

Therefore, the VisionFive V1 is aimed primarily at Linux developers. There still seems to be a lot to be done on the Linux substructure; The first goal is stable operation with Fedora. There are a number of these at GitHub Patches as well as some Installations-Images.

StarFive JH7100: Block Diagram

(Image: StarFive)

According to the Lecture at the RISC-V Summit 2021 Both U74 cores run at 1.5 GHz. This means that the StarFive JH7100 is significantly more powerful than the Allwinner D1 with the Alibaba XuanTie C906 on the RVBoards Nezha.

StarFive developed the RV64GC chip JH7100; the Chinese company was founded with the help of the US RISC-V pioneer SiFive. The JH7100 also includes a Neural Network Engine for AI algorithms as well as an Nvidia Deep Learning Accelerator (NVDLA). The name of the board already indicates that the JH7100 is primarily designed for processing camera data. The chip contains decoders and encoders for H.264 as well as MIPI interfaces for camera and display (CSI, DSI). Also on board are USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet and a WLAN / Bluetooth module. A Data sheet can be found at GitHub.

The JH7110 should bring additional PCI Express as well as a graphics processor of the type Imagination IMG BXE-4-32.

StarFive has not yet commented on the prices and delivery dates of the VisionFive V1.

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