The Real-world Benefits of Virtual Reality

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When we think of virtual reality (VR), we immediately think of video games and the truly immersive experience delivered to players across the globe. With VR, you don’t need to imagine you’re battling the enemy in some futuristic landscape or rescuing a damsel in distress in some far-off, ethereal land. You’re right there, in the middle of it. Seeing and feeling the whole thing in technicolor 3D with the technically advanced graphics and sounds that transport you from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.

However, VR isn’t just used for fun or entertainment purposes. This technology has been harnessed, developed, and utilized in many industries to bring real-world benefits in a wide variety of ways. Take the medical industry, for example, where VR is now widely used to train budding medics and experienced surgeons. Trainees no longer need to scrub in to gain vital experience in the operating theater. With VR technology, they can practice procedures realistically with no danger of harm to the patient, and surgeons have adopted VR as an effective tool to help them plan major operations, from pinpointing the best incision positions to enabling effective, accurate, and speedy robotic surgery.

Life-Saving Tech to Life-Enhancing Entertainment

From one life-saving scenario to another, the US and UK military have both adopted VR applications to train soldiers on how to act and react in realistic combat situations. That this is a cost-effective solution goes without saying, but ensuring our soldiers know how to protect themselves and their comrades in a warzone is invaluable. NASA too uses VR technology to train their astronauts, as well as many organizations in the oil, gas, chemical, and other high-risk industries who train their staff using the safety of VR before placing their employees into potentially dangerous situations.

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In less threatening circumstances, VR technology is being utilized in many everyday situations like real estate. Gone are the days of physically visiting properties to view: now potential buyers can take a virtual tour of the home they’re interested in buying without leaving the home they’re already in. And, of course, as VR becomes more and more embedded in our everyday lives, the entertainment industry is keeping step with customer expectations. The online casino industry has already seen amazing success with its live casino offering, allowing players to get a full casino experience, with live dealers, real roulette wheels, and even real-time game shows.

The next step already underway is the provision of VR casinos where players can adopt an avatar, virtually step into a real casino setting, interact with others and play the huge variety of games they’re interested in. From the sounds of the slots to the spin of the roulette wheel to the snap of poker cards being dealt in real-time, VR casinos will take the live casino to the next level.

Virtual Advances For All

As VR technology advances ever onwards, its applications in the real world will continue to benefit us all in many different ways. From tackling phobias to learning crucial tasks in a safe setting; enriching our lives to ensuring people are prepared for any situation, VR technology has been embraced by big industries and developed for real-world scenarios to educate, stimulate and motivate us all to work smarter and live better.

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