The truth about Quentin Tarantino and his mother’s relationship

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The truth about Quentin Tarantino and his mother's relationship

Quentin Tarantino He surprised his followers when he said that his mother would not receive a single dollar of the fortune that the filmmaker accumulated in his successful career. Many people found this situation as something negative in the life of Tarantino, who decided to take that harsh measure with his mother, Connie McHugh, after she did not support him in his youth with his writing career.

The creator of Pulp Fiction recalled: “She complained that I wasn’t paying attention to school and once told me in the middle of an argument that my writing career, that shit, was over.” So the future director of Reservoir Dogs He did not hesitate to answer his mother: “Very well, when I become a successful filmmaker, you will not see a dollar of my success. There will be no home for you. There will be no car, no vacations. You will not get anything from what you just told me.”

How is Tarantino’s relationship with his mother?

Tarantino He acknowledged that he helped his mother financially only once, with a tax problem. However, he stressed that there was no “ni cadillac, ni casa”, for women. The director pointed out that there are consequences regarding what you say to your children, especially with personal interests and tastes in the years that they are forming.

Meanwhile, the mother of Quentin He assured that he does not hold a grudge against the filmmaker for that decision. “Regarding my son, I support him, I am proud of him and I love him. I also love his new family that is growing. It gave me great joy to dance at his wedding and receive the news of the birth of my grandson, Leo”the woman remarked.

Connie McHugh asserted that his son’s statements “were taken out of context” and she does not intend to lend herself to the media game of scandal. That is why he shared these new conciliatory words in which he underlines the love she feels for Quentin and the desire to be part of the family that he is forming. So it seems that everything is at peace between Tarantino and his mother.


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