The Ultimate Windows 11 Screen Recording Tool with its Newest Feature

By: Dan Cooper

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Windows 11 Has an Exciting Addition to Its Snipping Tool

Windows has long been known as the crème de la crème of operating systems in both desktop and portable computer sectors. Despite recent competition from Chrome OS, the American brand remains dominant. To provide excellent service, Microsoft continues to launch new updates. Recently, it introduced a new system for recommending files on its search engine. Now, it has added a hidden keyboard shortcut that enables recording of the screen by utilizing its Snipping Tool application.

The Snipping Tool Application

Snipping Tool is a tool that allows users to make customized screenshots. With this software, users can choose the size and shape of screenshots they need. The keyboard combination of Windows and Shift and S allows users to access a new options menu to take screenshots.

Recording Screen on Windows 11

An insider user of Windows 11, PhantomOcean3, reported on Twitter that Snipping Tool will soon allow easy screen recording. In the preview version of build number 23419, there is a hidden shortcut key that can be used to quickly start the screen recording process. Though the feature is not available at the moment, it is confirmed that Microsoft is currently working on it. However, the feature has been disabled for now as it is still not working as intended. It will be activated soon with the necessary changes in place.

The Dev Channel of Windows 11

Without a doubt, Windows 11 is improving in many ways. The build 23419 of Windows 11 in the Dev channel also brought another change to the snipping tool. By pressing the Print Screen key, users are taken to the Snipping Tool by default. It is essential to remember that these changes are only available to some insider users. Soon, they will be released to all users in the coming weeks.

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